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DVA Data for Research

DVA Data Requests

DVA-owned data is available for use in approved research projects. Such requests are considered according to the research merit and potential value to DVA and/or the veteran community and require approval from both the relevant DVA business area data custodian(s) and the DVA Human Research Ethics Committee (DVA HREC).

Note that HREC approval is not equivalent to, or a guarantee of, approval for the release of data, which is a decision made by the relevant business area data custodian(s).

Submissions to the DVA HREC can be submitted to the Secretariat at  using the study protocol submission form available on our web page at DVA HREC.

There is Information regarding HREC meeting dates for 2015 on the web page along with closing dates for submissions.

The data request form can be submitted prior to receipt of ethical approval, however no data will be released without DVA HREC approval.

To make a data request complete the form below and submit to

D9222 Request to use DVA Unit Level Data for Research Purposes (PDF 147 KB)

If you are intending to link the DVA data with any other datasets please be aware that DVA data is subject to Commonwealth data linkage arrangements. The scope of these arrangements can be found here


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