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Rehab@DVA - Volume 2, Number 3 - May 2016

A word version of this provider newsletter is available: Volume 2—No. 3—May 2016 (DOCX 1.5 MB)

DVA Information Session Outcomes

Rehabilitation sign

On 26 April 2016, DVA held an information session for rehabilitation service providers via videoconference across DVA locations, involving representatives from 25 rehabilitation service provider organisations. We will be holding regular information sessions, which aim to ensure that providers across Australia are updated on current and upcoming DVA policies and initiatives, and to create a collaborative forum where we can hear from and help you.

As a result of feedback received at April's information session, DVA's Rehabilitation Policy team will:

  • add dates to rehabilitation forms to ensure version control and notify providers of form amendments by email
  • amend the policy around self-employment to note the need for ongoing monitoring
  • clarify the Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) policy to address the issue where providers would like to use more than four goals in a plan.

It is anticipated that the next information session will be held in later part of 2016. While April's information session contained updates on a number of DVA policy initiatives, at future meetings we will have guest speakers present on ‘hot topics' drawn from across DVA, the Australian Defence Force and the Department of Defence, and industry bodies. Should you have specific 'hot topics' you would like to see covered by DVA or guest speakers at future information sessions, you are most welcome to contact us with your suggestions.

New DVA Rehabilitation Success Stories

DVA has published 2 new stories to the growing suite of DVA Rehabilitation Success Stories.

Ben Webb

Ben Webb

Ben Webb

Joining the Army straight out of school, Ben completed 8 years of service but, unfortunately, his injuries accumulated and he discharged still struggling with Chronic Pain Syndrome and Major Depression.

With a strong support network, Ben was able to take on the challenge of the Invictus Games winning two Gold medals and now works as a veterans' advocate, assisting other veterans.

Tom Pulleine

Tom Pulleine

Tom Pulleine

Tom was a highly skilled soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry Corp, involved in multiple deployments to East Timor, Solomon Islands and Iraq. Tom was able to successfully transfer his military skills and experience into civilian qualifications through recognition of prior learning and now runs his own successful business.

DVA clients have shared their inspiring stories through the DVA Rehabilitation Success Stories' initiative, which aims to improve communication with our clients. By having veterans participating and sharing their experiences, it is hoped that this will encourage others to seek assistance and participate in a rehabilitation program. If you have been involved with or are aware of a successful rehabilitation outcome and you wish to nominate a client, please contact us.

Updated cooking program for socially isolated clients

VegetablesDVA has recently updated a successful program focusing on health, nutrition and social inclusion. Cooking for One or Two is a cooking skills program designed to allow veterans or widow(er)s to learn basic nutrition in a safe and friendly environment, thus improving nutrition while also helping isolated and potentially vulnerable people to leave the house and start making new and important social connections.

One of the stated objectives for the program is that participants will have completed one or two social interactions per week. By attending classes and eating their meals with fellow participants, attendees can reintroduce themselves into social activities and interact with other people. While the program was designed for the veteran community, its value has been recognised by a number of community groups around the country, with the program now being presented by a range of organisations, focused on minimising social isolation.

Some financial support may be available for any community group conducting a program targeted at veteran community members. Providers are encouraged to discuss the program with clients they feel could benefit from participation. Further information or advice on programs conducted in your local area can be requested and obtained via email.

Quick links

DVA has some great online learning courses to help health providers learn more about Non Liability Health Care (NLHC) eligibility, the conditions covered and how to apply for NLHC or assist others to do so. Courses are available at Online Training for Health Providers.

If a client shows you his or her DVA Health card and/or asks you a question about medical treatment, please refer to Veterans' health cards. For further information on the provision of Household Services through the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 and the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988, please refer to Household Services on the CLIK website.

If you have a topic that you would like to hear more about, then please let us know by email.

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