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Rehab@DVA - Volume 1, Number 4 - October 2015

A word version of this provider newsletter is available: Volume 1 - No. 4 - October 2015 (DOCX 389 KB)

Soldier On

Soldier On - Helping Our Wounded WarriorsFounded in 2012, Soldier On supports Australian service men and women who have been physically or psychologically wounded in conflicts, training and other exercise after 1990. While the organisation is independently run, it works closely with DVA, Legacy and the RSL to support its members.

The four areas of focus for Soldier On are: Rehabilitation, Adventurous Events, Community Events, and Education, Employment and Enterprise. With Reintegration and Recovery Centres in Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, members can access activities and resources such as gym equipment and classes, in-house psychological support, employment assistance, training, workshops, community and volunteer activities.

More information can be found at the Soldier On website.

Operation Life

Operation LifeThe new Operation Life mobile application (app) is designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts and is recommended to be used with the support of a clinician.

The app provides on-the-go access to emergency and professional support and self-help tools to help users regain control, keep calm and take action to stay safe. The app also contains web links to online resources, including information on suicide awareness, prevention training and counselling.

Available FREE from the App Store and Google Play, this app complements the Operation Life Online website which helps people to understand the warning signs of suicide and provide information and resources to help keep people safe from suicide. Help is also available for those bereaved by suicide.


STRIVE - Supporting Australia's contemporary veteransThe Skills Training and Reintegration Initiative for Veterans Education (STRIVE) provides a free tailored training program, currently in its pilot stage, in the critical analytic and business skills and coaching needed to assist servicemen and women reintegrating into the civilian business environment.

Certificate of Capacity

Health Benefits of WorkComcare has collaborated with other insurers in the ACT to develop a medical certificate that focuses on capacity rather than incapacity. This approach is support by the latest evidence that, in general, work is good for health and wellbeing. The Certificate of Capacity has now been formally released for use by all GPs in the ACT and surrounding region.

The GP information kit containing the certificate, guidance material, a GP case study and FAQs for GPs can be found at the bottom of this Comcare webpage.

Rehabilitation Service Providers' internet page

Make sure you keep up-to-date on all the latest rehabilitation information by regularly checking DVA Rehabilitation Service Providers. This page is the best place to access current versions of our rehabilitation information such as the client forms. You can also access previous issues of the Rehab@DVA newsletter.

Goal Attainment Scaling - UPDATE

Goal Attainment Scaling Diagram, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2There have been some minor changes made to the Goal Attainment Scaling Q&A. This includes the decision to only use a client’s Defence Case ID on the rehabilitation forms. You can see the latest information on the Goal Attainment Scale on the the CLIK website.

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