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Rehab@DVA - Volume 1, Number 2 - May 2015

A word version of this provider newsletter is available: Volume 1 - No. 2 - May 2015 (DOCX 331 KB)

Dealing with 'At Risk' DVA Clients

As a rehabilitation provider you would understand there is always potential for any individual to demonstrate threatening or aggressive behaviour without warning. Our client population is no different.

A client is considered ‘at risk’ if they:

  • threaten self harm
  • display aggression, or
  • threaten or commit physical assault.

HelpIt's an Emergency!

If you have contact with a DVA client whom you believe is a serious and imminent threat to you, themselves or others CALL THE POLICE ON 000. The police can provide you with assistance such as helping you deal with a client who is unwilling to accept your help.

Online learning and other helpful resources

DVA has some great online learning courses to help Health Providers gain an understanding of military experience, the effects of mental illness and health care available through DVA. 

LearnThe online learning courses include:

  • Understanding Military Experience
  • Non-Liability Health Care
  • Rehabilitation Online

Have a look now! Online Training for Health Providers

You should also check out DVA’s At Ease website for extra information about mental health. 

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