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Rehab@DVA - Volume 1, Number 1 - March 2015

A word version of this provider newsletter is available: Volume 1 - No. 1 - March 2015 (DOCX 322 KB)

Prince’s Charities Australia 'Lead Your Own Business Program'

The Prince's lead your own businessThe Prince’s Charities Australia Lead Your Own Business (LYOB) Program is a residential boot-camp for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel transitioning from service into new vocational pathways. 

Designed with integrity and commitment to ADF values, the program has been created in particular for Defence personnel who are in the process of transitioning from service, and up to 24 month post-transition.

DVA is encouraging Rehabilitation Providers to contact the Prince’s Charities Australia if they identify clients who they believe are suitable for this program. 

The Prince’s Charities Australia LYOB webpage can be found under the “What’s New” section on the Rehabilitation Service Providers webpage

Rehabilitation Success Stories

Roy MellonThe DVA Success Stories project is to improve communication with DVA clients by providing positive cases of real people who have gone through the process of being discharged and rehabilitated back into the workforce. 

By having veterans participating and sharing their own experience, it is hoped that this will help encourage others who are considering going through a rehabilitation program. 

It is not DVA’s intention to pressure people into sharing their stories; essentially we are looking for clients who are proud of their progress and willing to help inspire fellow veterans who may be encouraged by their results. 

If you have a client who you believe would be a good candidate for this project please contact me first on 02 6225 4440 or rehab@dva to discuss the specifics of the project. 

Please read some of the inspirational stories we have collected so far - Rehabilitation Success Stories.

If you have any comments or questions regarding our rehabilitation webpages and their content or wish to discuss the specifics of the Success Stories project please call me on 02 6225 4440 or rehab@dva.

New Rehabilitation Guide in CLIK

You can now access the Rehabilitation Guide in the new and improved CLIK. 

The Rehabilitation Guide contains all of the policy guidelines that DVA Rehabilitation Coordinators use to guide decision making, and outlines our approach to medical management, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation, and well as provision of targeted support such as attendant care and household services.


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