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Hearing Services

General Information

Eligible members of the veteran community can get help to better manage their hearing loss through the following programs:

  1. Australian Government Hearing Services Program
  2. DVA Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP)
  3. DVA Tinnitus Program
  4. Other initiatives

Further information can be found in the Factsheet HSV22 - Hearing Services.

ESORT Hearing Services Working Group – Summary Overview

The Department established a working group under the Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT), a key client consultative body, to consider issues about delivery of hearing services to DVA clients.  The working group was chaired by the Deputy President of the Repatriation Commission. The working group met three times in 2016 between March and November.

Matters discussed by the working group are summarised in the ESORT Hearing Services Working Group – Summary Overview.

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