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Quality of services and aged care complaints

All residential aged care facilities that receive subsidies from the Australian Government must be accredited under the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards.  The standards cover areas such as management, staffing, health and personal care, residents' lifestyle, living environment, safety and security.

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is responsible for accrediting homes and monitoring them against the standards.  Their accreditation assessors visit each home and may talk to residents, their family members and the staff about the home and how it meets the standards.  DVA has no contractual relationship with residential aged care facilities, and so these arrangements also cover those in the veteran community that access these services.  Further information is available at the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency website.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner provides a free service for anyone to raise their concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services funded by the Australian Government.

DVA has developed a close collaboration with Department of Health to advocate for the care needs and interests of veterans in residential aged care and mainstream community care. 

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