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Tinnitus program

In recognition of the unique operating environment and exposure to noise that comes with military service, DVA provides services to veterans to help manage tinnitus. These are offered at no cost and are in addition to what is available through the Hearing Services Program.

Tinnitus is a noise noticeable in the head or ears in absence of an external source. Unfortunately, for some people, it can be annoying and for a few it can be very disturbing.

Current tinnitus research indicates wearing hearing devices can help manage tinnitus. The effectiveness of well-fitted-digital hearing devices is on par with hearing devices designed especially for tinnitus.

If you suffer from mild tinnitus and hearing loss, DVA recommends fitting with a fully subsidised hearing device to help manage your tinnitus and hearing loss.

For disturbing tinnitus or tinnitus that remains troublesome post-fitting of a hearing device, DVA recommends that your hearing services provider write to your GP suggesting referral to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. After a complete investigation the ENT can present recommendations to DVA regarding a program of tinnitus therapy.

Such programs involve counselling and commitment to working with a therapist over several appointments.

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