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Rehabilitation Appliances Program [for hearing services]

If you have an accepted hearing disability, you can access alternative listening devices (ALDs) via the DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).

An ALD is a device designed to help you hear better in specific situations (e.g. using the telephone, a headset for watching the television, or a personal amplifier for people who cannot manage hearing aids or do not wish to wear them). ALDs also include the following:

  • Personal response systems, which when activated, make a loud noise and/or flashing light to alert people nearby (these require installation and are monitored by an emergency alarms service)
  • Smoke Alarm Packages
  • Sensor mats
  • Telephone typewriters
  • Tinnitus maskers and inhibitors.

You can be fitted with a combination of hearing aids and ALDs if they are required. Experts advise that the combination of a radio frequency ALD (such as that available through RAP) worn in conjunction with hearing aids provide superior performance in noisy environments and over distances than is possible from any hearing device alone.

Some require prior approval, and not all hearing service providers are aware that these are available for eligible veterans. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to speak with your hearing service provider about this option.

RAP ALDs and tinnitus items can be viewed in the RAP National Schedule of Equipment. Available items are listed between item numbers AA02-AA17 (pg. 1-4) and AK02-AK03 (pg. 21).

For general information about the RAP program access the DVA Factsheet — HSV107 — Rehabilitation Appliances Program.

To access ALDs, under RAP, your hearing services provider can contact DVA on 1300 550 457.

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