Repatriation handbooks

Pension officers (latest version)


  1. Introduction to the Repatriation handbook (PDF 120 KB)
  2. Disability compensation benefits (PDF 691 KB)
  3. Income support benefits (PDF 390 KB)
  4. Military Compensation (PDF 544 KB)
  5. Abbreviations and medical classifications (PDF 185 KB)

Welfare officers (latest version)


Suggestions for the Repatriation Handbook, including any errors identified, can be made by emailing details to the Repatriation Handbook editor.


Regular newsletters are produced to provide welfare and pensions officers with updated information about DVA services, programs and information about pensions, as well as upcoming courses in each State. TIP newsletters for each State can be viewed by clicking on the link for each State.


The Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge (CLIK) is an integrated electronic library that contains the Department’s legislation, policy and reference material.


Guide to the assessment of rates of veterans’ pensions (GARP) is used to assess the extent of incapacity from war caused or defence caused injury or disease for the purposes of determining the rate of pension.


The Veterans’ practitioner activity database, known as VPAD, assists practitioners to record and manage claimant details and key details of their casework. VPAD both records claimant details and has a number of case management features as well as producing reports on activities. It is available to ESOs at no cost.