My obligations and rights

You and Your Pension provides detailed information about obligations and rights of income support pensioners.


It is important for DVA to be kept advised of a person’s circumstances to make sure the right rate of payment is made, from the right date.

If you receive service pension, income support supplement, age pension paid by DVA or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, then DVA must be advised within 14 days (28 days if you live overseas or receive remote area allowance) of an event or change of circumstance which might affect your rate of pension or eligibility.

The Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 requires income support pension recipients and claimants, as well as holders of Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards, be notified of their obligations in relation to their pension or benefit. When you are granted an income support pension, and periodically after that, you will be notified of your obligations. These obligations apply equally to trustees.

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Your right to receive quality service is outlined in the DVA Service Charter

Your rights to obtain information about yourself and also the privacy principles that apply to this information are described in the Freedom of Information (FOI) topic.

Your right to have our decisions reviewed is described in the Pension Review topic.