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Grants-In-Aid are for projects and activities that:

  • encourage cooperation and communication between the ex-service community, ex-service organisations and the Australian Government
  • encourage cooperation and communication between national ex-service organisations and their branches, sub-branches and affiliated organisations, and/or
  • support their branches, sub-branches and affiliated organisations in providing advocacy services to the veteran and defence communities.

For more information see Factsheet GS05 - Grants-In-Aid Program.

Eligible organisations

National ex-service organisations can apply for Grants-In-Aid if they:

  • perform the functions of an national representative body
  • have direct links to with the ex-service community, and
  • aim to benefit the welfare of its members.

Opening of next round

The next round of Grants-In-Aid is expected to open in March 2019 and close in April 2019. You will lodge your application online through the Australian Government's Community Grants Hub.

When the round opens, the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and information about how to apply will be available on the Community Grants Hub.

To receive an email when grants are open for applications, go to the Community Grants Hub and select 'Subscribe for updates'.

Apply for a Grant-In-Aid

To apply for a Grant-In-Aid, use the Community Grants Hub.

For more information about the Hub, see the Community Grants Hub on the DVA's website.

Application help

Assistance can be obtained through the Community Grants Hub.  Phone 1800 020 283 or send an email to

If you think you may need help please ask early. This means any problems can be sorted out in time for your application to be considered for funding.

Approved grants lists

For information on approved grants see Approved grants.

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