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Summary of Eligible and Ineligible BEST Administrative Items

Capital and Non-Capital Administrative Items

Two categories of administrative item are eligible for grants.  These categories, and the items which fall within these categories, are listed below.

All requested items must clearly address the Program Objectives in order to be considered eligible for funding.  

Capital Equipment Administrative Items

  • Computer equipment related to pensions, advocacy and welfare work.
    Desktop, laptop (each with 3 year warranty), DVD burner, printer, Multi Function Device (MFD), Fax Machine, scanner, surge protector, computer network equipment.
  • Computer Software:
    Anti-virus and security software annual licence, Microsoft Version Upgrades (with DVA approval), application tools (e.g. MS Office), fire wall software. Note: ESOs are entitled to purchase education versions of software.
  • Office Equipment and Office Furniture:
    Filing cabinet, desk and chair, meeting table, visitor chairs, bookcase.
  • Reference Material:
    Related reference books and medical information that is available via print and online (e.g. MIMS).

All capital equipment purchases must be recorded in an Equipment Register.  (Clause 14 of the BEST Guidelines).  

Non-Capital Equipment Administrative Items

  • Internet Equipment:
    Based on network setup, number of stand-alone PCs, laptops, wireless for laptops being used remotely.  Internet modems for Dial Up, Broadband and wireless;
  • Internet Access:
    Establishment fees and ongoing access costs.
  • Office Supplies:
    General stationery, postage, paper, toner, ink, folders, tapes, cleaning products, read/write DVDs, brochure holder, flash drives.
  • Telephone Costs:
    Landline and mobile phone calls related to the provision of pension and welfare services.
  • Travel:
    Reimbursement for travel, only within the local area for any of the following reasons; pensions, welfare and advocacy work, travel to nearby VRB and AAT hearings and travel to TIP training courses.
    Travel should be calculated at the rate of 34.1 cents per kilometre when practitioners use their own motor vehicles (subject to the travel exclusions listed at Clause 8 of the BEST Guidelines).  A Travel Log detailing the kilometres travelled, purpose of journey, date(s) of travel and attributed costs for each journey will be required.

Ineligible Items

BEST Funds are not available for:  

  • Honoraria;
  • utility costs covering electricity, gas, water etc.;
  • employee superannuation, leave loadings, workers compensation and management fees;
  • the cost of leasing premises (including rent) or purchase of real property;
  • council rates;
  • office expenses and fees including insurance, advertising expenses, audit fees and bank fees;
  • any travel costs beyond the local district where the organisation operates or has its usual place of business;
  • legal consultation costs, including litigation; and
  • air conditioning units, televisions or refrigerators.
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