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Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 7 March 2012 meeting

Name Role
James McDermott Naval Association of Australia
Roger Valentine Legacy Australia Council Launceston
Marjorie Quinn Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council
Joan Cooper War Widows Guild
Des Berry Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Association
Bill Kaine Returned and Services League Tasmania
Wendy James Partners of Veterans Association
Peter Mackie Vietnam Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association
Mike Romalis Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans’ Association
Warwick Luttrell Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia
Jack Clear Legacy Australia Council Hobart (proxy)
Charles Hill RAAF Association (proxy)
Name Role
Annette Wyatt Legacy Australia Council Hobart
Alan Robertson

RAAF Association

John Wright Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia

Matters Discussed

My Account Forum

  • Phil Mendl (CMVS Project) and Bob Crawshaw and David McKinley (COGENT) discussed marketing approach for MyAccount roll out and received useful feedback about the perceived benefits of the system

Health, Aged Care, Defence Homes (Services Division)

Following issues discussed

  • Community Nursing continues with Quality Management Framework (QMF) and Post Payment monitoring activities. Provider education a feature of ongoing QMF activities
  • Veterans Home Care (VHC) Assessment Agency undertaking tender process in 2012
  • VHC tender complete, no impact on Tasmanian veterans.
  • Private Hospitals - current tender closed February 10, 2012. No impact on provision of services
  • Public Hospitals - DVA extending existing contracts until June 2014 with focus over next two years on implementation of key aspects of health reforms
  • Hospital data provided – the lag in data capture was noted
  • Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program uptake in Tasmania discussed
  • VAPAC Home Medication Review module published
  • VPRS commenced January 1, 2012 discussed eligibility and recent comments about scheme
  • Telemonitoring/NBN Trial - Veterans in Kingston Beach will participate
  • Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records DVA is working with DOHA. It will be an Opt-In system
  • Exercise Physiologists receiving education about gym membership across three Acts
  • Dental Services - interim arrangements currently in place for Dental Hygienists to perform preventative dental work under guidance of Dentist
  • Veteran Mental Health (VMH) education training package for Community Nurses
  • Staff Mental Health Literacy Training available online to all staff from February 2012
  • Review of At Ease Website and Mental Health strategy, and development of social media to increase awareness
  • Defence Mental Health Prevalence Study and Strategy discussed study results
  • BCWD tender process complete, one location in Tasmania subject to direct source arrangement

Compensation, Income Support, Grants (Support Division)

Following issues were discussed

  • MRCA review progression
  • F-111 program publicity and updated materials
  • Carbon Price up front assistance begins June 2012
  • VCES children still entitled to DVA support if paid Youth Allowance by Centrelink
  • BEST & SDI Round 14 funding discussed
  • MTBI distributed report
  • DVA restructure –new structure discussed

Other matters

  • Peter Mackie responded to RSL member’s report from previous minutes
  • Joan Cooper presented letter seeking a Korean Veteran
  • Bill Kaine raised the issue of DFISA recipients or spouses receiving Centrelink benefit to be paid through DVA - likely to be an RSL State Congress issue
  • Roger Valentine announced Launceston Legacy hosting National Junior Speaking Awards in November 2012
  • Timing of DCCF meetings as no feedback received revised start time of 3pm will be continues to allow members who work to attend
  • Budget Brief to be held on Wednesday 9 May – offered to Video conference to Launceston
  • Bill Kaine announced this would be final DCCF as not nominating for President
  • Launceston VVCS is available for video conferencing of next consultative forum, if required
  • Members encouraged to forward agenda items in advance of meeting

Next meetings:

Wednesday 9 May 2012 at 10:30am – Budget brief
Wednesday 11 July 2012 at 3:00pm – Consultative Forum

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