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Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 16 March 2011 meeting

Name Role
Jan Hyde (Chair) DVA Deputy Commissioner (Chair)
James McDermott Naval Association of Australia
Annette Wyatt Legacy Australia Council Hobart
Bill Tewson Association of Totally and Permanently lncapacitated Ex-Servicemen & Women
Bill Kaine Returned and Services League Tasmania
Bill Dixon RAAF Association
John Wright Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia
Peter Mackie Vietnam Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veteran's Association
Wendy James Partners of Veterans Association
Name Role
Rodney Teague Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans' Association
Roger Valentine Legacy Australia Council Launceston
Marjorie Quinn Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council
Joan Cooper War Widows Guild

Matters discussed

  • Site visits have been undertaken to all Tasmanian hospital service providers with no issues identified
  • Hospital and PARS statistics discussed
  • Ambulance Private Tasmania (APT) provides some contracted services for DVA. These services will not be affected by the current difficulties of the company. The Tasmanian Ambulance Service will provide services to veterans in both emergency and non emergency circumstances if APT cannot provide them
  • Backlogs in Medical and Allied Health prior approvals have been experienced. This is currently being addressed
  • Transition Care daily co-payment for POWs & VC recipients discussed
  • Alternative therapies review and findings discussed. Fact sheet to be provided with minutes
  • E-health discussed. Concern raised by RSL that this may lead to greater access of DVA documents by Defence in the future
  • Defence MEC review discussed briefly. Request to be submitted to Defence for a presentation on this topic
  • Report into Veterans at risk of homelessness discussed briefly. Referred to DVA website for full report
  • Role of IVLO explained
  • BCWD pilot in SA explained. Tasmania to come on line in May
  • VHC tender process advised
  • BEST/TIP - review and report discussed. Referred to website for full details
  • Review of Military Compensation Arrangements discussed briefly. Advised of report to be released on 18 March. Full details will be available on DVA website
  • Financial year 09-10- budget inniative re Extension of Qualifying service - Submariners discussed. Claim numbers accepted and rejected provided

General Business

  • Presentation by Sean Farrelly and Ellen Waldron of the Organisational Change Group on New Service Models for Younger Veterans, Widows and Dependants was enthusiastically received
  • The change of wording re contacting ESOs in determination letters was well received, this was seen as a very good outcome
  • Indexation pension rate increase with effect 20 March advised
  • VSC Phase 2 roll out discussed. New staff in Hobart are currently completing their training and accepting calls from the VSC queue under supervision
  • Recruitment process for VAN Manager advised
  • Provision of support by DVA across Australia following floods, cyclone etc discussed, including support provided by Tasmanian DVA staff to Centrelink and claims processed by DSHI
  • Alice Elliott Day Centre (AEDC) update provided
    • No new referrals are being accepted, new requests will go through the normal HACC process. There is proven capacity in existing centres to address client numbers and needs
    • AEDC volunteers, clients and staff have been briefed
    • Key ESOs have been consulted
    • Operational days will be reduced to four with effect 14 Apr. AEDC will be closed on Mondays
    • Current clients will be transitioned to more appropriate day centres that meet the required standards over a suitable period following consultation with the client and their families
    • The ongoing needs of clients and staff are being addressed
    • This is a staged process that is likely to occur over a 12 month, or longer period
    • DCCF members with concerns about the closure of AEDC and the transition of clients to more appropriate day respite services are asked address their concerns with the DC

Action items:

  • DCCF members asked again to provide contact details of Welfare Officers from their organisation who are able to provide support to veterans discharging from hospital to the Executive Officer by 5 April
  • Request that Defence provide a briefing to the DCCF on MEC and SWIIP (fonnerty SIIP)

Next meeting
Budget Brief, Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at RAAF Memorial Centre Hobart.

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