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Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 13 November 2019 meeting


List of people present at the Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 10 July 2019 meeting
Name Role
Luke Brown Deputy Commissioner TAS – Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) (Chair)
Natasha Cole First Assistant Secretary – Clients’ Benefits Division, DVA.
LTCOL Darryl Bridgemen Senior ADF Officer (SADFO) – Tasmania
Graeme Barnett RFD Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association - Tasmania (via phone conference)
Kevin Evorall Launceston Legacy Inc (via phone conference)
Malcolm Cash Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia – Tasmania (via phone conference)
Elaine Devlin Open Arms
Joshua Miller Mates4Mates – Tasmania
Alec Young Hobart Legacy Inc
David Webb Returned and Services League - Tasmania
Jen Heffernan Tasmania State Government  
David Waddle OAM Advocacy, Training and Development Program
Geoff O’Hara Royal Australian Air Force Association – Tasmania
Ray Williams OAM Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women Ltd – Tasmania
Jenni Smith Defence Reserve Support Council – Tasmania
Jacinta Leahy Partners of Veterans Association
Anne James Executive Officer – Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Rochelle Devlin Scribe – Department of Veterans’ Affairs


List of apologies at the Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 10 July 2019 meeting
Name Role
Alex McNeill OAM Naval Association of Australia – Tasmania
BRIG John Withers Veterans Reference Group – Tasmania

Business Arising

Members endorsed minutes from Meeting 31 held on 10 July 2019.  There were no outstanding actions items. 

Agenda Items


Deputy Commissioner Update

The Chair introduced new members Jenni Smith, Defence Reserve Support - Tasmania and Rochelle Devlin, Executive Assistant DVA.

The Chair welcomed Natasha Cole, First Assistant Secretary, Clients’ Benefits Division, and DVA.

The Chair discussed ongoing issues with the Community Grants Hub as reported at this forum and others by ESO representatives and advised that the Grants policy team are negotiating with Department of Social Services with the intent to achieve a reduction in the time taken to process applications in 2020. 

The Chair advised attendees that the National Consultation Framework (NCF) is subject to regular review and that the latest of these is about to commence. It is likely that DCCF representatives will be surveyed.

The Chair noted the launch of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant by Minister Chester.  An overview of the program was provided.

The Chair reminded attendees of the recently revised treatment cycle requirements in regards to services provided by allied health practitioners for entitled DVA clients.   

The Chair made mention of the Royal Commission into Aged Care and noted that the report is due Nov 2020.  DVA Secretary, Liz Cosson, gave evidence at the Commission hearing on 8 October 2019.

Natasha Cole, First Assistant Secretary Clients’ Benefits’ Division (CBD) clarified her role and explained the relationship between CBD and the  Client Engagement and Support Services Division (CESS).

Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) Update

Members noted David Waddle and Garry Bevans’ recent involvement at ATDP Workplace Assessment practicum in Brisbane. David advised the practitioner numbers and training statistics for region 3.

ESO Updates

Senior Australian Defence Force Officer

RAAF are providing support in NSW/QLD to the current fire effort and confirmed intent to support Tasmania if required in the upcoming fire season. 

RAAF flights are being used to transport fire fighters interstate.  They will also be involved in Operation Southern Discovery’s (Antarctica) during the 19-20 season.

Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association - Tasmania

Veteran Health Week activities were well attended and very well received. 

Launceston Legacy Inc

Have received a State Government grant for new computers and software.  

Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia – Tasmania

Plans for the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Devonport are progressing with the design completed and grant applications in progress.    

The Launceston Sub branch will celebrate their 40th Anniversary in May 2020.

Open Arms

The Peer program recruitment is being finalised with commencement locally expected at the end of Nov.  The team will be managed locally by Joanna Chauncey.

Members noted OA calls transitioned to National Intake service 1800 011 046.

Mates4Mates - Tasmania

The M4M major fundraiser is being held on Thursday 14 November. 

Legacy Hobart Inc

Legacy Hobart hosted their annual Widows Christmas function on 10 Nov with the children’s function to be held on 17 Nov.

2019 Legacy Badge Week was very successful.

Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen and Women Ltd 

The Veterans Health Week event was well attended and received.

Returned and Services League - Tasmania

RSL Tasmania continue discussions with other ESO’s about a joint effort to support Veterans and the Veterans community in the future.

Members noted the improved health of Robert Dick, he is due to return to full duties in the New Year.

Tasmania State Government

Members noted 2020 Frank McDonald Memorial Prize was announced in Ulverstone.

The Veterans Reference Group met 30 September 2019, next meeting announced for 12 December 2019.

Members noted the announcement of the Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean grants.

Royal Australian Air Force Association – Tasmania

RAAF-A Tas works independently of the national framework with a focus on local commemorations and comradeship but they recognise the need to go beyond this for members.

Partners of Veterans Association 

Members noted Kitty Cole has stepped down as President, she has been replaced by Christine Fisher.

Defence Reserve Support– Tasmania

As announced my Minister Chester in Oct 2019, the Defence Reserve Support Council- Tasmania will cease on 31 Dec 2019 with Victoria to absorb management of Defence Reserves in a Vic/ Tas management. 

Deputy Commissioner closed the meeting at 15:43

Next meeting will be held 19 February 2020.

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