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Tasmania Consultative Forum - Summary 17 November 2010 meeting

Name Role
Jan Hyde (Chair) DVA Deputy Commissioner (Chair)
Klaus Strecker Naval Association of Australia
Annette Wyatt Legacy Australia Council Hobart
Des Berry TPI Veterans' Association
Roger Valentine Legacy Australia Council Launceston
Marjorie Quinn, MBE Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council
Bill Kaine MBE Returned and Services League Tasmania
Bill Dixon, OAM RAAF Association
Joan Cooper OAM War Widows Guild
John Wright Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia
Peter Mackie Vietnam Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veteran's Association
Name Role
Rodney Teague Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans' Association
Wendy James Partners of Veterans Association

Health Matters (Services Division)

  • DVA's arrangement with Tasmanian public hospitals - extended to 30 June 2012.
  • One community aged care complaint and one primary health complaint
  • Ambulance funding model to commence 1 January 2011
  • Hospital and PARS statistics discussed
  • Automatic acceptance by DVA of mental health practitioners registered with Medicare

Compensation Matters (Support Division)

  • Progress of budget initiatives in Submarine Service and service in Ubon, Thailand.
  • Update on Rehabilitation and Compensation blueprint redesign process.
  • TMS and Support for Ill and Injured Project
  • BEST/TIP - concerns expressed about sufficient funding - subsequent discussion about more collegial approach among Tasmanian ESOs to supporting veterans

Other matters

  • Complaints Management Feedback System - copy of the facts sheet was provided and the July statistics were advised.
  • Reminder that submissions for the National Commission on the Centenary of ANZAC Celebrations close soon. Tasmania has five submissions to date.
  • Roll out of MRCA E-learning in Tasmania and recent training of TIP trainers.
  • Veterans Satisfaction Survey (VSS) and the difference in satisfaction levels between the general population and the under 45 population.

Other matters

  • The following briefings were very well received:
    • Discharge Planning Mr Effie Cauchi, National Director, Contract Management Primary Health Group
    • Community Mental Health - Ms Tammy Love, Assistant Director - Community Mental Health - including: Veterans' Attitudes Towards the Experience of Dementia, progress report on Dunt Review and ongoing Evaluation of Mental Health Initiatives.
  • CMVH Think Tank - DC gave a brief on the event that considered readjustment issues for service personnel and their families and discussed some of the issues
  • Preventable Admissions and Improved Community Care Program - DC described the progress and plan to run focus groups for a new program name
  • VSC Phase 2 - new positions in Hobart and implementation schedule discussed
  • Younger Veterans Service Delivery model
  • Standard letters to pension beneficiaries accepted as a good approach
  • Dates / locations set for 2011 meetings - membership terms cease mid 2011
  • DVA Christmas closing arrangements

Action items:

  • Request by RAAF Assn that the standard letters to pension beneficiaries be reworded to say access contact details from the phone book (rather than yellow pages) or the internet
  • Request that ESO information be provided to Veteran Liaison Officers and Discharge Planners at Tasmanian Discharge Planning Seminar to be held in early 2011.
  • AVADSC representative to table top ten issues at next DCCF.
  • Younger Veterans Service Delivery model - DC to seek presentation at next forum

Next meeting: Wednesday 16th March 2011 in Hobart.

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