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Summary of Meeting – 1 December 2017

The Operational Working Party (OWP) met in Canberra on 1 December 2017.

The Chair welcomed members to the second meeting of the OWP. Members endorsed a revised Terms of Reference.

Veteran Centric Reform (VCR) Showcase and MyService Update

Members participated in an interactive presentation showcasing the recent improvements to supporting broader transformation, and the development of the DVA MyService web application and how it is delivering real benefits for veterans and their families.

Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP)

Members were provided with an update of the ATDP. Members discussed the future role of advocacy and the process for current advocates to complete Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) under the ATDP.

Dental Prosthesis Claims and Processes

Members were provided with information regarding the process for claiming dental prostheses. There has been a sharp increase in the demand for dental implants and DVA will undertake consultation with the industry to determine the most effective manner in which to process these claims into the future.

Member Submissions

Submissions were received from the Australian Special Air Service Association, the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia and Vietnam Veterans’ Federation of Australia on the following topics:

  • Administrative Appeal Tribunal hearings;
  • ESO Portal;
  • Veteran Employment;
  • Delays in cases; and
  • Departmental medical advisors.

The next meeting of the OWP will be held in Canberra on Tuesday 27 March 2018.

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