Protecting the word Anzac

Protection of Word 'Anzac’ Regulations were made in 1921 under the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920 to protect the word ‘Anzac’, and any word which resembles it, from inappropriate use.

Under the Regulations no person may use the word ‘Anzac’, or any word resembling it, in connection with:

… any trade, business, calling or profession or in connexion with any entertainment or any lottery or art union or as the name or part of a name of any private residence, boat, vehicle of charitable or other institution, or other institution, or any building …

without the authority of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs.
Protection of Word 'Anzac' Regulations 1921 (Cth)

Further information


Where did the word 'Anzac' originate?

Uses allowed under the Regulations

The words 'Anzac Day' may be used in connection with certain entertainment held on 25 April itself or on consecutive days including 25 April, and the word 'Anzac' may be used in certain names. Its use in the name 'Anzac biscuit' is one of several uses normally approved.

Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations

Importing any 'Anzac' goods without the permission of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs is prohibited.

Seeking approval to use the word 'Anzac'

Write to the Minister for Veterans' Affairs and provide as much detail as possible about your proposed use of the word 'Anzac'.


There is a range of legislation governing the use of the word 'Anzac' and the authority of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs.