Kokoda cover image. Exploring the Second World War campaign in Papua New GuineaKokoda: Exploring the Second World War campaign in Papua New Guinea


DVA Education Resource. Published March 2012

This resource has been developed to mark the 70th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign. The book contains 12 units of teaching and learning activities for secondary school students. Through this resource, students can learn about the significance and strategic importance of Kokoda, fighting and living conditions, casualties, personal experiences of Australian and Japanese soldiers, General Blamey’s ‘Rabbit Speech’ and modern day pilgrimages to the site. The book includes a DVD, CD ROM and posters providing additional background information and learning activities.

Download the full Kokoda resource (PDF 23MB) (Word 45.5MB)
Download the Kokoda CD ROM (ZIP 107MB)

Or download the resource in three parts:
Download pp. 1-40 (PDF 6.2MB)
Download pp. 41-90 (PDF 9.8MB)
Download pp. 91-128 (PDF 6.8MB)

Contents of Resource

  • Using the publication in the classroom, pp. 3-4
  • Recommended publications for teachers, pp. 5
  • Glossary of terminology, pp. 6-8
  • Unit 1: About the Kokoda Track: 1942 and Today, pp. 9-18
  • Unit 2: The War in Papua: The Strategic Context, pp. 19-26
  • Unit 3: Four Peoples at War, pp. 27-40
  • Unit 4: Jungle Warfare, pp. 41-48
  • Unit 5: A Fighting Retreat, pp. 49-58
  • Unit 6: Into the Mountains, pp. 59-68
  • Unit 7: Milne Bay, pp. 69-78
  • Unit 8: The Tide Turns, pp. 79-90
  • Unit 9: The Japanese Besieged–The Battle of the Beachheads: Buna, Gona, Sanananda, pp. 91-98
  • Unit 10: Casualties, pp. 99-108
  • Unit 11: Kokoda Veterans’ Accounts, pp. 109-116
  • Unit 12: Commemoration and the Modern Pilgrimage, pp. 117-125

Posters and Activities

Further information and activities are available on the CD ROM. Download Kokoda CD ROM (ZIP 107MB)