How to enter

The Anzac Day Schools' Awards are open to all Australian primary and secondary schools. Schools can enter as an individual class or the whole school, with a limit of one entry per school.

Schools with both a primary school campus and a secondary school campus can enter both categories, but the activities must be separate activities undertaken by the primary school and secondary school campuses respectively. If the activity incorporates the whole school, the most appropriate category (i.e. primary or secondary) must be entered.

Entries must be coordinated and submitted by a teacher with the principal’s authorisation.

Entries close: Friday 23 May 2014

What qualifies as an entry?

Broadly, any activity undertaken to commemorate Anzac Day may qualify for entry, provided that it:

  • is relevant to the audience and
  • shows due care and competence.

When designing and carrying out your activity, bear in mind the judging guidelines. Note in particular that the observance of tradition is expected and the involvement of veterans in the activities, if possible, is considered valuable. However, remember always that the Anzac Day Schools' Awards are about developing fresh approaches to commemoration and resourcefulness is encouraged.


  1. Activity includes: class work and projects, a memorial service or ceremony, or a creative presentation (e.g. artwork, photos, essay, dramatic performance, scrapbook or website).
  2. Tradition: the handing down from generation to generation of beliefs, legends, customs, practices and symbols.
  3. Veterans: men and women who have served Australia in the defence forces, in war, conflict or peace operations.
  4. Commemoration: the act of remembering and honouring.

See: Judging guidelines

To enter, your school's activity must be supported by:

  • Visual evidence, which may take the form of
    • Photographs
    • Examples of students’ work
    • PowerPoint displays
    • Videos, CD ROM or DVD presentations (30 mins max)
    • Websites (hardcopy print-out or CD ROM); and
  • a 500 word description of the activities.

How to enter

To enter the Anzac Day Schools' Awards, complete an entry form and provide supporting material.

Complete the 2014 Anzac Day Schools' Awards Entry Form and ensure that the school Principal endorses your entry.

Before sending, check that your entry includes:

  • a completed entry form with full contact details
  • a description of the activities undertaken (up to 500 words)
  • visual evidence of the activities undertaken
  • a list of reference or source materials used
  • all items clearly labelled with the school’s name.

Hints & tips

A few practical suggestions to consider when compiling your entry:

  • Please do not include original memorabilia or photographs or items of sentimental value in your entry.
  • Present entries in a format that can be easily assessed by a judging committee.
  • Clearly mark all materials included in the entry with the school’s name in case they are separated.
  • Include photographs of large items rather than sending originals.
  • Provide edited versions of commemorative ceremonies (30 minutes maximum).
  • Include examples of students’ reflective writing and veteran feedback.
  • Provide hard copy printouts or CD ROM copies of websites in case technical difficulties occur during judging.
  • Include local newspaper articles reporting your activities to the community.
  • List resources used by students for their research on commemoration and Australia’s wartime history.
  • Please do not send breakable or perishable items – photographs of these are sufficient to assess your entry.

Where to send entries

Send your entry to:

Anzac Day Schools' Awards
Department of Veterans’ Affairs

At your nearest State Office:

New South Wales
GPO Box 9998

GPO Box 9998

Western Australia
GPO Box 9998

GPO Box 9998

GPO Box 9998

GPO Box 9998

South Australia & 
Northern Territory

GPO Box 9998

All entries will be acknowledged when received.

Announcement of winners 

The winners of the 2014 competition will be announced in August 2014. Names of the winning schools will also be provided on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ website.

Contact information

For further information about the Anzac Day Schools’ Awards, contact the Commemorations Officer in your State Office of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Phone: 133 254