Anzac Day 2014

The soldiers who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula created a legend, adding the word ‘Anzac' to our vocabulary, and creating the notion of the Anzac spirit.

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Information about Anzac Day


Learn about the courage, endurance and mateship of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps when they landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula on 25 April 1915. Learn about the Dawn Service and the Gallipoli Campaign.

Ceremonies overseas 2014


Find information about Anzac Day events held overseas.

Anzac Day at Gallipoli 2015


Detailed information about the Anzac Day services at Gallipoli, Turkey.

Anzac Day in France 2014


Detailed information about the Anzac Day services at Villers-Bretoneux, France.

Organise a ceremony

Organise a ceremony. Discover how to hold your own commemorative ceremony.

Anzac Day Posters

Posters issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to commemorate Anzac Day.

Anzac Day Schools' Awards

Download information on and an entry for this year's competition.

2014 Education resources


Download this year's education resources, Schooling, Service and the Great War and Audacity. Learn about what life in Australian schools was like during the First World War, and read stories of heroic Australians in wartime.