Memorials in Australian States

Every Australian state and territory has a principal memorial that serves as a permanent shrine and as the focal point for the major commemorative ceremonies in the capital cities.

The memorials represent the homage paid by the governments and the people to their fellow Australians who fought and died on their behalf.

The movement to develop public memorials at state and national level was born even before the end of WW1 as the death toll of citizens-turned-servicemen and women, climbed into the tens of thousands.

The monuments themselves, every one designed and built with much communal thought and planning, were completed and dedicated in the 1920s and 30s.

The losses and successes of WW2 and Australia's later wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations are recognised at the state level by amendments to, and more broadly worded rededications of the principal memorials, together with further specifically dedicated memorials.

Australian War Memorial

The national memorial, the Australian War Memorial serves as the centre for commemorations in Canberra.

Dedicated 1941

Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Dedicated 1941. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial
Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial


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New South Wales

Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney

First dedicated 1934
Rededicated 1984

Painting of Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney by C W Bostock. Dedicated 1934, rededicated 1984.
Painting by CW Bostock

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Northern Territory

Darwin Cenotaph, Bicentennial Park, The Esplanade, Darwin

Dedicated 1921

Photo of Darwin cenotaph in Bicentennial Park. Dedicated 1921. Image courtesy Martin Pot
Image courtesy of Martin Pot

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Queensland National Anzac Memorial, Anzac Square, Brisbane

Dedicated 1930


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South Australia

South Australian National War Memorial, corner of North Terrace and Kintore Avenue, Adelaide

Dedicated 1931

Black and white photo of the unveiling of the South Australian War Memoral in 1931
The unveiling, 1931.

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Tasmanian War Memorial, Queen's Domain, Hobart

Dedicated 1925


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Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

Dedicated 1934


Photo of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. Dedicated 1934. Image courtesy Martin Pot
Image courtesy of Martin Pot

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Western Australia

State War Memorial, King's Park, Perth

Dedicated 1929
Rededicated 2005

Photo of the State War Memorial in Kings Park, Perth. Dedicated 1929, rededicated 2005. Image courtesy Martin Pot
Image courtesy of Martin Pot

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