Post-war Commemorations

Permission to use the Service Badge

All personnel who served in the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army, or the Royal Australian Air Force are entitled to have their Service badge inscribed on their private memorial.  Similarly, personnel who served in the Australian Merchant Navy are entitled to an Australian Merchant Navy badge.

However, for copyright reasons, permission to inscribe one of these badges must first be obtained from the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG) (refer to Footnote 1 below), either through this website or through one of the options below.

Permission to use other badges must be sought from the appropriate authority as indicated in the other badges section.

Please select one of the following options

  • Nominal roll: Print a permission letter straight from your web browser if the veteran served in World War 2, Korea, or Vietnam and is on the corresponding nominal roll
  • Online form: Request a permission letter from the OAWG through the convenience of your web browser
  • Email: Request a permission letter from the OAWG by sending an email with supporting documentation
  • Mail: Request a permission letter from the OAWG by sending a request with supporting documentation through the mail
  • Fax: Request a permission letter from the OAWG by sending a fax with supporting documentation
  • Other badges: If you want to use a badge other than the Australian service badges described above, find out more here.


Section 83 of the Defence Act 1903 (Cth) delegates authority to the Director of War Graves to approve the use of a Service emblem on privately erected memorials.

More information: Defence Act 1903 (Cth)