Find where a Serviceman or Woman is buried

There are records of the known graves and listings on Memorials to the Missing for all Australian war dead since WW1 and also records of all Australian post-war dead officially commemorated.

If you are searching for the grave or memorial for a particular serviceman or woman, gather together all the information you can about them. You may be able to find the answer on the Internet. If not, the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG) can help you.

Search CWGC

Here you can find where individual Australian and Commonwealth war dead from the First World War and the Second World War are buried or commemorated or search through Australian and overseas war cemeteries and memorials online.

Search AWM

Details of Australians who died while on active service with Australian and Allied forces can be found on the Roll of Honour and Commemorative Roll. These databases may include the place of death and commemoration and can help confirm other service details.


Complete records of the graves, listings on Memorials to the Missing and commemorations to all individual Australian war dead since WW1 and all Australian post-war dead are held by OAWG. If it's known, we know it. Just ask us.