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Snow falls on the Sir John Monash Centre

A dusting of snow has fallen on the Australian National Memorial, the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, and the Sir John Monash Centre which opens in April this year.

Workers completing the Centre were glad that much of the work needed between now and the opening takes place inside the Centre—including the final building fit out, installation and testing of multimedia and building systems, and generally preparing for arrival of the first visitors in April.

Despite the chill outside, comfortable temperatures are maintained inside the Sir John Monash Centre through the use of an environmentally friendly geothermal system that uses 41 piles to draw on the consistent temperature of the chalk earth, 185 metres below the surface.

While it may not be immediately obvious from these pictures, the principal climate control needed inside the Centre is cooling, due to the number of screens and displays used to tell Australia's story of the Western Front.

The use of a geothermal system to provide cooling is unusual in this area of Europe, and attracted the attention of the European Regional Development Fund. The Centre has been embraced as a flagship environmentally sustainable project for the region and received a significant grant of over 420,000 Euros, from the Fund, to install the geothermal system.

To learn more about Australia's experience of Western Front battlefields of the First World War, book your visit.

Aerial photo of the Centre, including the surrounding area, covered in snow. The sun's rays are shining through the cloud cover. The trees all have long shadows.

Winter sun shines on a snow covered Sir John Monash Centre and Australian National Memorial.

Aerial photo, directly in front of the Centre. Symetrical layout highlighted. Tower is center with each wing, left and right.

The Sir John Monash Centre is all but invisible when approaching the Memorial through the Cemetery.

Colour aerial photo showing the grounds of the Sir John Monash Centre and surrounding farming grounds for a kilometre or two. All snow covered.

The Lutyens Path connecting the Memorial Tower and Pavilions is all but covered by snow.

Colour aerial photo, from the side of the Sir John Monash Centre, across the snow-covered grounds.A village is on the horizon.

Mature trees have been planted to reinstate the Memorial’s original landscape design.




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