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RAAF - Main contingent - Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

(Total personnel - 1,872)

RAAF (165)

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This table contains the Gulf War Nominal Roll for RAAF personnel. It lists the surname, initials, and service number of each person as well as unit, ship or squadron details - where known.
Surname Initials Service number Unit/Ship/Squadron
Adams MJ W132408 33 Squadron
Allardyce WA O125115 33 Squadron
Banks AD O511448 34 Squadron
Banks IA O325502 37 Squadron
Bannister WK O131338 34 Squadron
Barker TM O121234 37 Squadron
Bartlett DJ O57544 33 Squadron
Bastian DS A46823 37 Squadron
Bekker S O324568 37 Squadron
Bell BL A130846 USNS Comfort
- 6 HOSP
Bell RW A123402 37 Squadron
Bellenger SP O324686 37 Squadron
Bent DJE A232346 37 Squadron
Beutel NE A124305 USA
Bihrenbrodt S O411954 37 Squadron
Bishop DD O410742 36 Squadron
Blake AR O227997 37 Squadron
Blieschke TA O411011 37 Squadron
Brauman JD O237209 37 Squadron
Brew CF O130552 37 Squadron
Bromley S O324542 33 Squadron
Bryant MJ O325659 37 Squadron
Buckett JM O131790 37 Squadron
Budd PJH O130953 36 Squadron
Bushnell GK A121885 37 Squadron
Byrne PD A59415 37 Squadron
Capps RA O320869 USNS Comfort
- 24 Squadron
Carpenter RF A224055 36 Squadron
Cartwright GR A512737 3TU
Carville CD A47751 33 Squadron
Chambers RJ A231290 37 Squadron
Chennell ID O411088 37 Squadron
Clark S O217663 HQALG
Corney KW O126577 34 Squadron
Cronan DL A229627 37 Squadron
Cutland DT A49361 37 Squadron
Davis GA A228213 33 Squadron
Dodd AJ O325236 37 Squadron
Donnelly BA A321805 MATU (LSE MUSCAT)
Eaglen JN O126563 RAFEx5
Eagleton BM O233956 36 Squadron
Ellis (Dec'd) TR O230675 33 Squadron
Farrar HP A122410 36 Squadron
Fernandez LC A230647 37 Squadron
Fishpool PK O235486 36 Squadron
Fletcher SL A228208 34 Squadron
Foley JW O127844 36 Squadron
Foley JW O56537 33 Squadron
Forsyth AD A58929 33 Squadron
Freeman TN A228894 37 Squadron
Friend SS O129253 37 Squadron
Gameau MJ O412384 37 Squadron
Garside MD O411428 37 Squadron
Gellard SJ A322213 RAF WYTON
UK Training
George MK A235298 33 Squadron
Gibson BME A323032 37 Squadron
Gibson NG A125999 34 Squadron
Gilliland KM W130987 33 Squadron
Gilliland SJ A235219 33 Squadron
Glew CR A232228 33 Squadron
Goddard DJ O234645 37 Squadron
Goggin SK A126338 33 Squadron
Graham JN A228903 ADILO/Wash
Granger MD O511214 34 Squadron
Greenacre RE A56155 36 Squadron
Griggs WM O325130 USNS Comfort
- 24 Squadron
Gwynne (Dec'd) AG A113951 33 Squadron
Halim A A232184 HMAS Darwin
Hammond OJ O322023 RAAFSUCAN
Hellis PR A320651 37 Squadron
Henderson ST O126174 33 Squadron
Hermans HEJ A511074 37 Squadron
Hobday OAM TS A224000 33 Squadron
Holland MC O324862 37 Squadron
Hunter JT O235736 34 Squadron
Hurley JJ A59584 37 Squadron
Hutchinson MI A231024 37 Squadron
Inglis PR A318391 37 Squadron
Kay SD A127402 MATU
Kramarczuk AE O59606 37 Squadron
Krause GBG O124555 37 Squadron
Ladner MD A123059 37 Squadron
Larkin ME L130904 ADILO/Wash
Lehfeldt TA W130717 33 Squadron
Lempriere TP A511250 USNS Comfort
- 6 HOSP
Leslie CB O129667 37 Squadron
Lewis NA A232099 36 Squadron
Lewis TJ O63180 37 Squadron
Lock GD A227174 37 Squadron
Lovatt RJ O235126 34 Squadron
Luyten W A121393 37 Squadron
Mackinlay AA O233790 37 Squadron
Matthews JL A235542 33 Squadron
Matthews SS A230648 33 Squadron
Maye PJ W131530 33 Squadron
Mayfield MP O411247 36 Squadron
Mayhew HG O223863 37 Squadron
McConnell GJ A318042 37 Squadron
McCormick RJ A230496 36 Squadron
McCosker JF A57794 37 Squadron
McGrath JD A130325 34 Squadron
McIntosh PJ A132629 MATU
McKenzie CW O232677 33 Squadron
McLaren IG O123652 37 Squadron
McMeikan G A510590 RAAF Lon
Medved S O233247 37 Squadron
Meek GE O234636 37 Squadron
Meredith JD A224032 37 Squadron
- 22 Squadron
Meredith SL O131100 37 Squadron
Miles KR A232271 33 Squadron
Muffet PG O323113 34 Squadron
Nattrass GR O230096 86 WG
Neil W A124368 37 Squadron
Newcombe DH O223673 MATU
Newman C O513322 37 Squadron
Nunan TR W236151 33 Squadron
O’Brien CJ O236484 ADILO/Wash
Oddie SJ O322835 RAFEx11
O’Dell AD W411270 33 Squadron
O’Donoghue MJ O233397 USNS Comfort
O’Neil CE O512758 34 Squadron
Orton JW O47269 USNS Comfort
- 23 Squadron
Page (Dec'd) MH A229168 ADILO/Wash
Pawliw J A228149 37 Squadron
Payton MR A125886 37 Squadron
Piper GA O236486 37 Squadron
Pleass TJ A58461 33 Squadron
Potts WG O230708 37 Squadron
Pragt NW A322690 33 Squadron
Pretlove RA A59370 33 Squadron
Procter PJ O227569 37 Squadron
Quist BJ A410629 34 Squadron
Rahn DA O235045 37 Squadron
Reynolds (Dec'd) MW O231259 RAAF Wash
Richmond FM L325633 USNS Comfort
- 3 HOSP
Roberts LC O122493 34 Squadron
Robinson GD O323680 USNS Comfort
- 6 HOSP
Sampson DJ O234437 37 Squadron
Samulski JM O232679 36 Squadron
Scholes GM O234356 36 Squadron
Sellers ED A323287 37 Squadron
Smith CC O233232 36 Squadron
Smith MP A49947 36 Squadron
Smithers AL O512047 37 Squadron
Stallard CT O129083 37 Squadron
Standing PN A123880 37 Squadron
Stockwell DC A125411 37 Squadron
Sutherland DB O323546 RAAF Wash
Tanner LR A512966 33 Squadron
Thompson DT A122204 37 Squadron
Trimble DM W322816 33 Squadron
Vaughan LP A130149 34 Squadron
Vidler AN O235132 33 Squadron
Vogel RG O325657 34 Squadron
Warren RN A130083 33 Squadron
Watzek CJ A511471 33 Squadron
Waugh PJ A227492 37 Squadron
Weekes AW O233383 37 Squadron
White DP A411047 34 Squadron
Wiggins MJ O236303 33 Squadron
Wilcox DG O236348 37 Squadron
Williams MG O127249 37 Squadron
Wittwer RN A59628 33 Squadron
Woodford RA A129626 33 Squadron
Yule RJ A514041 33 Squadron

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