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Centenary of the Battle of Hamel

Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France

Soldiers in a field.

Service: Centenary of the Battle of Hamel
Date: Wednesday, 4 July 2018

7:30 am: Private car parking at football field opens
7.45 am: Tour Operator coach registration commences
8.00 am: Le Hamel site opens
8.30 am: Pre-Service Program commences
10:00 am: Commemorative Service commences

Seating style: Seating will now be provided for all visitors attending the ceremony with individual chairs on the grassed areas.
Venue: The Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France
Weather: Warm/hot
Attendance passes: Required – Available 25 April 2017
Visa requirements: Australian Passport – No, check your visa requirements
Security: Airport-style security
Important notes: All of the roads in the village of Le Hamel will be closed to traffic from 7:00 am on 4 July. All private cars must enter the village via the C204 coming from Villers-Bretonneaux. All tour operators must enter the village via the D71 coming from Vaire-sous-Corbie.


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The Australian Corps Memorial, Le Hamel, France

The Centenary of the Battle of Hamel commemorative service will be conducted at the Australian Corps Memorial located 500 metres to the east of the village of Le Hamel which is in the Hauts-de-France Region of Northern France.

The Memorial was constructed on the ridge that was the objective of the 4 July 1918 battle fought at this location. This battle was a success due to the planning and direction provided by General Sir John Monash GCMG KCB VD and was the first successful example of a combined arms attacks and included units of the American Expeditionary Force under Australian command.

The Memorial honours not only the success of the battle but also the service of all Australians who fought on the Western Front as part of the Australian Corp. The remains of some of the trenches used during the battle exist today around the memorial site.

Transport arrangements

Road closures and walking route

All of the roads in the village of Le Hamel will be closed to traffic from 7am on 4 July. All private cars must enter the village via the C204 coming from Villers-Bretonneux. All tour operator buses must enter the village via the D71 coming from Vaire-sous-Corbie.

Transport to the Commemorative Site

Managing large numbers of visitors in the relatively small village of Le Hamel is challenging as there is limited space to park the many coaches and private cars needed to bring in the number of visitors expected.

The traffic management plan will allow tour operators to drop their clients at a site close to the Australian Corp Memorial at Le Hamel where they will undergo security screening and ticket scanning. From this point there will be an 800-metre walk to the commemorative site, approximately half of which will be uphill. A coach registration process will be implemented to facilitate the departure process on completion of the commemorative service.

There will be no pedestrian access directly to the commemorative site. All patrons will be required to pass through the security screening point.

Tour Operator bus arrangements


The site at the Australian Corps Memorial which is the site of this ceremony, is quite small and has only one access road. We are implementing a system where your tour bus will be able to drop your visitors close to the site and then they will be able to walk in. Special arrangements are available for those with mobility assistance needs.

Your tour bus will need to join the D71 at Fouilloy and pass through the villages of Hamelet and Vaire-sous-Corbie to arrive at Le Hamel.

As you approach the village on the D71 you will be greeted by members of the ceremonial team. Your bus will be registered and given a number to assist with the departures and then your bus will be directed along the Rue Saint Germain/Rue l’Abbé Loir and up to the unloading point.

From this point it is a short walk up to the ceremonial area. The walk will take approximately 10min at a moderate pace and is on a moderate upward slope. Halfway along the walk, visitors will be security screened and have their passes checked.

Once your bus has dropped off your visitors, it will continue along the D71 to the intersection with the D42 and into Lamotte-Warfusée until the D122. Turning right your bus will continue until the C201 where you bus will enter and park until called forward for departures.

For visitors who are not able to undertake the walk into the site, your tour operator bus will not be directed along the Rue Saint Germain/Rue l’Abbé Loir, but will be directed into the middle of town along the D71 to the identified turnaround area.

Visitors will need to get off your bus and onto a smaller accessible van. They will then be driven to the memorial. Your tour bus will turn around and return to the Rue Saint German/Rue l’Abbé Loir route and follow this along the D71 as outlined above.

After unloading patrons at the coach unloading point on the D71 your coach should travel along the D71 and turn right onto the D42 and travel through Lamotte-Warfusee to the D1029. At the D1029 they should turn right towards Villers-Bretonneux and travel approximately 1.6 kilometres to the intersection with the C201. The coaches should turn right onto the C201 where they will be directed to park until they are released to return to Le Hamel by the Gendarmes.


After the ceremony, all patrons will be taken to the centre of Le Hamel at the cross road of D 71 and rue de Villers-Bretonneux. Visitors can then enjoy the activities in the village before re-joining their Tour Operator bus.

The mobility assisted shuttles will run as per the arrival, dropping at the identified point in town.

After the ceremony your tour operator bus will be called forward from the parking location to drive forward to the D122. Here your bus will turn left and take the D122 into Fouilloy before turning right at the D71. You will then follow the same route as for arrivals and will be directed to park on rue Saint Germain. Once all the visitors have been brought from the memorial site to the village, your tour operator buses will be instructed to move forward and to park along the D71. Your bus can then wait there until all your visitors have enjoyed the activities in the village and you are ready to depart. You may depart whenever you wish.

Transport schedules & timing guide

Arrival & Departure Transport Times

Public shuttles will depart the carpark at the football field at 08:00am and continue running until 09:45am.

Public shuttles will commence running again on completion of the service.

Accessible Seating Service

If you nominated within your application a requirement for accessible seating services, your accessible seating pass will be sent with your attendance pass. You will receive two accessible seating passes one for yourself and one for a carer or accompanying person. Each person must hold an attendance pass to the Commemoration in their own right.

If you have left Australia before receiving these passes, you can collect them at the Information tent as you enter the site or notify a commemorations staff member who will arrange a replacement.

Accessible seating includes:

  • Use of wheelchair accessible shuttles along all event shuttle transport routes.
  • Transport from the coach set down point at the ACM to the accessible seating area.
  • Access to a limited number of dedicated accessible toilets.
  • Transport from the accessible seating area at the ACM to the event shuttle pick up point for transportation.

Accessible seating does not include:

  • Personalised or dedicated one-to-one assistance.
  • The provision of carers, wheelchair pushers, or physical assistance with seating or embarking and disembarking vehicles.
  • Wheelchairs, walkers or mobility aids — any visitor requiring this assistance must bring their own.
  • Oxygen or personalised medications.
  • Specialised support for "high care" individuals.
  • Support travelling to or from your accommodation.

If your accessibility requirements have changed since registration, whether you now need or no longer require this service, contact Overseas Commemorations by emailing or call:

Attendance Pass distribution and collection

All Attendance Passes for those who have registered before 8 May 2018 were dispatched on 16 May 2018.

Ticketek box offices

In the lead up to the Commemoration, attendance pass services provider Ticketek will establish box office facilities at the following locations and times. Visitors can attend box offices to collect their attendance pass or replace damaged or lost passes.  

Hotel Ibis Styles, Amiens Cathedrale 17–19 Place au Feurre, 8000 Amiens France

  • Sunday, 1 July—11:00am–2:00pm and 4:00pm–6.30pm
  • Monday, 2 July—11:00am–2:00pm and 4:00pm–6.30pm
  • Tuesday, 3 July—11:00am–2:00pm and 4:00pm–6.30pm

Group collection of passes

In order to save time and enable a smooth collection of attendance passes, we encourage tour providers to email the name and ID numbers of visitors to the Department where group bulk collection is required.

Email to take advantage of this service.

Laying a wreath

Wreath laying, by invited official representatives, will occur during the services.

Members of the public who wish to lay a wreath or floral tribute (wreath/tribute) will have the opportunity to do so at the conclusion of the service. Those members of the public who wish to lay a wreath/tribute are required to register their details at the information tent or by emailing the following details to

Wreath laying registrations from the public will need to be submitted by 3 July2018, including:

  • your attendance pass registration Application ID Number
  • the name and title of the person/s laying the wreath/tribute
  • the name of the organisation/group or the person/relative being represented.

Members of the public who are laying a wreath/tribute are to supply their own and it is their responsibility to carry it with them, care for it and transport it to the Memorial. There are no facilities or arrangements for storage or transport of personal wreaths at the Memorial.

What to take

Prior to progressing through security, you should have your attendance pass and photographic ID such as current passport (or a copy of your passport), current Australian driving licence, or current national identity card readily accessible and within reach for validation.

In your preparations, consider that you may experience either sunny or wet conditions on the morning of the Commemoration. During July the weather at the ACM is normally in the mid 20s (Celsius) and sunny. You should dress appropriately and bring suitable sun protection, such as a broad-brimmed hat as there is no shade at the ACM site. Ample supplies of bottled water will be freely available at the site. You will also need to ensure you have everything needed for the morning in a small bag or day-pack.

What to pack

  • Attendance Pass and passport, (or appropriate photo ID)
  • Wet weather and windproof jacket and pants
  • Clothing for warm to hot sunny weather
  • Prescription medication (if required)
  • Non-perishable food and snacks
  • Drinking water (opened bottles will not be allowed through security screening, however, water will be available on site)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Compact personal camera

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited at the Commemoration:

  • Dangerous or hazardous items of any kind including fireworks, flares, lasers and smoke canisters
  • Advertising or marketing messages
  • Large backpacks (Day-packs, e.g. Aircraft cabin bag sized are acceptable)
  • Furniture or camping equipment including tents, folding chairs and stretchers
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Glass containers and cans of any kind
  • Opened bottles of liquid
  • Flammable liquids
  • Weapons or sharp objects, including umbrellas (a poncho will be issued in the information pack provided)
  • Large objects
  • Musical instruments of any kind and any other object that may be used to cause a disturbance including air horns and vuvuzelas
  • Hiking poles (Medical aids, such as walkers and walking sticks will be permitted subject to medical need)
  • Large flags or banners
  • Professional photographic equipment (e.g. Large zoom lenses, audio visual or cinematographic devices apart from accredited media)
  • 'Selfie' sticks and large camera tripods
  • Drones and remote control devices, and
  • Any other item that might compromise public safety or enjoyment of the Commemoration or that is illegal under the laws of Australia or the host country.

These items can either be left in your vehicle, or surrendered for temporary confiscation at the security check point where your bags will be checked as part of the security screening process. Temporarily confiscated items can be collected upon return through the check point. If items are not collected upon return, they may be disposed.

Further reading

Contact information

In Australia

Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Telephone: 1300 364 002
International Callers: +61 2 6289 1133

For Consular Assistance in France

Telephone: +33 140 593 300
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Emergency helpline

Consular Emergency Centre 24 Hour Phone Service:

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