Victoria (Vic)

Detailed information on concessions available to Victorian residents can be found in Factsheet:

Pensioner Concession Cards

The Australian Government issues, through DVA, a Pensioner Concession Card to eligible persons on service pensions, age pensions, and income support supplement. Holders are eligible for a range of Australian Government concessions including the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the National Diabetes Services Scheme, benefits through the Office of Hearing Services, and some discounts on Great Southern Railway services, Telstra and Australia Post services.

PCC holders in Victoria are eligible for one free return rail trip per year using V/Line, Countrylink and Great Southern Railways services. PCC holders are eligible for discount fares on public transport in urban and regional areas; those eligible for a Victorian Seniors Card are eligible for greater discounts on metropolitan public transport. PCCs can be used on interstate travel, on public transport in capital cities other than Darwin, and on regional NSW public transport. Discounts on coach travel, 'The Spirit of Tasmania' ferry, spectacles and optometry, rates, water, sewerage, motor vehicle registration and third party insurance may also be available to veterans. PCC holders are eligible for free ambulance transport.

Special Rate veterans

Special Rate (formerly Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) Veterans are eligible for State, Federal and private company concessions on the basis of a number of schemes. Many concessions may be claimed if the veteran holds a Pensioner Concession Card or Seniors Card; others may be claimed on the basis of a DVA Gold card; others still require proof of T&PI status.

T&PI veterans are eligible for free travel on MET services and V/Line services using a MET travel pass. Also available to T&PI veterans are: limited free travel on the Great Southern Railway; discounts on the 'Spirit of Tasmania' ferry and on many private coach lines; a rebate of up to 50% on local council rates; State Government concessions on water and sewerage; concessions on winter gas, electricity and LPG bills; concessions and exemptions on motor vehicle registration and third party insurance; and GST and stamp duty concessions on the purchase of private vehicles.

War widow(er)s

War widow(er)s in Victoria may be eligible for concessions using a number of cards. Using the Gold Card, war widow(er)s may access pensioner transport concessions across Victoria, and widow(er)s of WWI veterans are eligible for limited free transport on the Great Southern Railway. Also available may be: discounts on rates, water, sewerage, electricity and gas, motor vehicle registration and third party insurance.

What if I hold several concession cards?

Many veterans will hold more than one concession card. For example, a war widow is entitled to a Gold Card from DVA, and may also hold a Pensioner Concession Card and a Seniors Card.

For health services, veterans and widow(er)s should use their Gold Card if they have one. If the veteran or widow(er) holds a White Card they should use it for their accepted disability, and their PCC for other medical needs. If the veteran or widow(er) lives in a state which provides free ambulance transport to Pensioner Concession Card holders, and the veteran or widow(er) holds a PCC, they should use that card when travelling by ambulance or when they receive the bill.

For all other services, the veteran should consult the service provider about entitlements for different cards. Often the concessions will be the same, but sometimes they differ. Many small businesses only accept the state Seniors Card, so it may be in your interest to apply for one. Information is available on the factsheets about how to apply for a Seniors Card in each state.