SRCA benefits


Benefits are available under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA) where liability has been accepted for an injury, disease or death related to certain types of service rendered prior to 1 July 2004.  For more information on lodging a claim see the Eligibility & claims section of this site.

Loss of wages or allowances

If you are incapacitated for work because of your injury or illness and liability has been accepted for your condition, you may be eligible for compensation for loss of wages or allowances.  See Factsheet MCS08 (PDF 38KB)

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Lump Sum payments for permanent impairment

Permanent impairment is the ongoing effect of injury or disease on a part of the body or bodily system. Pensions are not paid for such impairments under the SRCA. Rather, compensation is paid in the form of lump sums to compensate for the effect of the impairment.

Permanent impairment is assessed as a percentage of "whole person impairment" in accordance with the ‘Guide to the Assessment of the Degree of Permanent Impairment, edition 2.1’ which is approved and maintained by Comcare Australia, the Commonwealth’s workers’ compensation insurer.  See Factsheet MCS07 (PDF 101 KB )

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Payments in respect of a death

A lump sum payment may be provided for your dependants if you die in compensable circumstances. Additional amounts are available for each dependent child, and a weekly payment may also be provided for those dependent children. Funeral expenses and reimbursement of the cost of financial advice may also be paid.  See Factsheet MCS06 (PDF 134KB)

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Medical Treatment

Treatment is available under the SRCA for: 

  •  all ex-serving ADF members who have conditions for which liability is accepted under the SRCA or are not currently serving in a full-time capacity

Treatment under the SRCA is provided by:

  • provision of a Repatriation Health Card (White Card)

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Household Services

In some circumstances, DVA will pay for the costs incurred if you need help in the provision of normal household services which you previously undertook but which you are no longer able to do because of your compensable injury or illness. This benefit covers such things as cooking, house cleaning, gardening, laundry etc and is additional to any other compensation payment you may receive through DVA.  See Factsheet MRC42 (PDF 96 Kb).

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Attendant Care Services

In some circumstances, DVA will pay for the cost of attendant care services to assist with personal care if these services are reasonably required due to your compensable injury or illness. This payment is only made for expenses incurred, and is additional to any other compensation payment you may receive through DVA.  See Factsheet MRC41 (PDF 23 KB )

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Rehabilitation and Return to Work

If, as a consequence of injury or illness, you can no longer do the same work, the process of assisting you to return to work is called vocational rehabilitation. As well as medical and vocational rehabilitation, DVA may also provide social, or quality of life, rehabilitation. Where it is considered that rehabilitation is required, DVA will arrange an assessment by an appropriately qualified person to determine the necessary and most appropriate type of rehabilitation. Following this assessment, a rehabilitation program will be developed in consultation with you and/or your medical advisors. All costs associated with the rehabilitation program are met by DVA and, in the case of vocational rehabilitation, weekly compensation benefits for incapacity for work are paid for the duration of the rehabilitation program.  See the Rehabilitation section of this site for more information.

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Essential modifications, aids and appliances

Other benefits include financial assistance with essential home, workplace and motor vehicle modifications needed as the result of an injury or illness and the cost of repair or replacement of any aid or appliance used as a result of your injury.

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Effect of other benefits on your compensation

If your claim is accepted under both the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) and the SRCA, SRCA benefits will be offset against any similar benefits which may be payable to you under the VEA. That is, although you may have eligibility under both Acts, you are not entitled to receive benefits under both Acts. The VEA has different conditions for eligibility and offers different benefits to the SRCA. If you are in any doubt about your possible eligibility or entitlements, you should call your nearest DVA or Veterans' Affairs Network (VAN) office in your State or Territory. (see also Factsheet MCS 02 (PDF 25KB) and Factsheet DP 82 (PDF 32KB)

Any Commonwealth superannuation benefits you receive (notably those payable by ComSuper under the DFRDB or MSBS schemes) will also be taken into account in calculating any entitlement you may have to weekly incapacity for work benefits under the SRCA.

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