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Information for card holders and applicants (Veteran Card)

The Veteran Card will make it easier for Australians to recognise and respect the contribution that veterans have made to Australia and for our veterans to connect with the broader Australian community.

Eligibility for the card

Anyone who is eligible for a DVA White, Gold or Orange card will be eligible for the new card, including veterans who are transitioning or have transitioned from the ADF.

Eligibility includes all current and former permanent full-time ADF members.

It also includes certain Reservists.

The Veteran Card will support up to 600,000 veterans in Australia.

Benefits of the card

The Government is working with Australian businesses and community organisations to discuss tangible recognition and services for card holders. Organisations may wish to provide special offers, support or concessions to holders of the card. This will be at the discretion of the participating business or organisation.

Major businesses including Target, Bunnings, Coles and the NRMA have already expressed interest in working together on the program. More information about participating organisations will be made available in the coming months.

How to apply

Veterans and their families will be able to use their existing DVA White, Gold or Orange Card to gain access to benefits provided by businesses and community organisations until the new-look Veteran Card is issued.

DVA systems are being updated to that you will soon be able to apply for the Veteran card through your existing MyService logon or by creating an account at MyService.

If you do not already have one, you can also apply for a White Card via MyService.

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