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The requirements of a new Aged Care Workforce Supplement, as part of the Living Longer Living Better Aged Care Reform package, were announced by the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing on Tuesday 5 March 2013.

Subject to the passage of legislation, from 1 July 2013, the Australian Government will provide additional funding through an Aged Care Workforce Supplement to aged care providers, including Veterans’ Home Care and Community Nursing providers, that apply and meet the eligibility requirements.

Enquiries should be directed to the workforcesupplement@health.gov.au email address.

Further information on the Workforce Supplement including Guidelines will be made available at www.livinglongerlivingbetter.gov.au.

Details about Government programs to support the aged care workforce are at www.health.gov.au/agedcareworkforce.


This information has been prepared to assist the veteran and defence communities and providers to find information on the DVA website. The website is only intended to be a guide and should not be regarded as an exhaustive list of benefits, services or concessions. You are encouraged to refer to DVA Facts and also to contact the Department to confirm details or obtain further information.

Contact DVA

Please call the following numbers if you have a question about services and benefits provided by DVA:

  • 133 254 (metro)
  • 1800 555 254 (country)

Providers can contact DVA on:

  • 1300 550 457 (metro)
  • 1800 550 457 (country

VVCS – Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service: 1800 011 046

See also: Contact DVA page for addresses and phone numbers of DVA offices in Australia.

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