Facilitator's Kit

The 'Cooking For One or Two' program is designed to improve confidence in preparing a variety of healthy meals using easy cooking techniques.

The program includes six sessions and can be conducted by a facilitator who does not require any formal cooking qualifications.

The facilitator's kit containing a Group Leader's Manual, Adding Life to Your Years - The Cookbook, video tape of six sessions and The Right Mix standard drinks glass.

For more information on ‘Cooking For One or Two’ contact DVA on:

  • 133 254
  • 1800 555 254

The facilitator’s kit contains:

  • Group Leader’s Manual
  • ‘Adding Life to Your Years – The Cookbook’
  • ‘Cooking for One or Two’ video tape of six sessions
  • ‘The Right Mix’ standard drinks glass

Group Leader’s Manual
This book provides you with all the details on running a 'Cooking for One or Two' course, including:

  • Equipment and utensils
  • Shopping lists for ingredients
  • Organising a program, including inviting participants
  • Personal hygiene and food handling rules
  • Preparation
  • Step by step instructions for conducting a class and preparing recipes
  • Meal plans
  • Health information
  • Evaluation forms and participation certificates

'Cooking For One or Two' is a basic cooking program conducted via Veteran & Community Grants funding. Groups and organisations are encourage to apply for a grant to conduct this program.

Updated and reprinted December 2005.