Commemorative publications

Commemorating the history of service in Australia 

Saluting Their Service
Saluting Their Service honours the contribution of Australia's servicemen and women in wars, conflicts and peace operations.

Valuing our Veterans
Australia's war veterans have played an important role in developing the nation's sense of identity. With the passage of time, the memories of those who have actually lived through war are at risk of being lost forever. Written with the professional educator in mind, Valuing our Veterans seeks to satisfy the demands of state and territory curricula across several key educational areas. Equally it is of benefit to community groups such as historical and genealogical societies who wish to draw on the vast range of experiences offered by Australia's wartime servicemen and women. 

Australian Flying Corps
This publication was produced by DVA to mark the 100th anniversary of the AFC and is the fourth book in the series about the First World War.

Home Front
This commemorative publication is the fifth and final in the Australians in World War I series. It contains a brief essay on the impact of the First World War on Australian society and more than 100 full-page images.

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Commemorating particular campaigns

North Beach Gallipoli 1915
The North Beach area was part of the area that became known as 'Anzac' from the landing on 25 April until the evacuation of December 1915. This booklet has been produced to assist visitors to the Anzac commemorative site at North Beach Gallipoli to understand more fully the significance of the area. 

Sinking of the Centaur
On 14 May 1943, the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Of the 332 persons on board, only 64 survived.

Operation Jaywick – 60th Anniversary
Operation Jaywick was one of the most daring and celebrated special operations undertaken in World War II. In September 1943, eleven Australian and three British army and navy personnel raided Japanese shipping in Singapore harbour, sinking seven ships, and against great odds made it back to Australia.

Laden, Fevered, Starved
The POW's of Sandakan, North Borneo, 1945

Greece and Crete
Greece and Crete is the first in a series of books published by DVA that explore theatres of war during World War II, other than the Pacific war. It was produced to mark the 70th anniversaries of the battles for Greece and Crete. During the battles, Australians fought alongside New Zealand, Greek and British troops to help defend the country from enemy invasion.

Gallipoli is the third book in the Australians in World War I series. It contains a selection of images and a brief history of the campaign. This book has also been developed into an iPad application with additional features including animated images, film clips and interviews with a historian and young Turkish students (to be released late August).

Australian Light Horse – Palestine 1916-1918
Australian Light Horse – Palestine 1916-1918 is the first book in the Australians in World War I series. It provides a brief history of the Australian Light Horse’s campain in the Sinai and Palestine with a large selection of images and artwork.

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Educational Materials

Find a full list of educational resources published by DVA and the Australian War Memorial on the Educational Resources page.

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Wartime Memorabilia

Caring for your Wartime Memorabilia
A guide to preserving and protecting your family's war time items.

Memories and Memorabilia
Reminders of Australia's participation in war are all around us in our local communities – honour rolls, war memorials, gun displays and items such as personal photographs and documents. Memories and Memorabilia encourages communities throughout Australia to discover the wartime heritage that exists in their local area and ensure that it is properly identified, recorded and preserved. 

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