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Keep safe this winter

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Elderly lady holding a smoke detector and looking at it

It is now time to rug up as the weather gets colder and the nights longer. To keep you and your loved ones safe from the risk of fire, sensible precautions should be taken. These include:

  • inspecting electric blankets for wear and tear
  • ensuring that heavy objects are never left on your bed while the electric blanket is on
  • not overloading circuitry with too many double adaptors or power boards
  • getting heaters professionally installed, if appropriate
  • keeping curtains, electrical cords, tea towels and loose clothing clear of hot plates and gas flames
  • ensuring that open fires and candles are extinguished before bed
  • leaving at least a metre between portable heaters and flammable objects.

According to Fire & Rescue NSW, almost half of all home fires start in the kitchen and 43 per cent of all fire fatalities occur in winter. Their statistics show that people aged 65 years and over are the highest fire fatality risk group in the community.

Because you are unable to smell smoke while asleep, it is vital to have working smoke alarms in your house, especially if you keep any form of heating on overnight.

Consider replacing your old smoke alarms with newer lithium battery-powered models. It is also advisable to change your smoke alarm batteries at least once a year. You can use your birthday or a special annual event to remind yourself to do this, and mark it on your calendar.

Be sure to have insurance that is current and adequate to cover the loss of your house as well as your contents, motor vehicles and other assets, and all personal injury situations. If you haven’t done so recently, it is worth reviewing your insurance. The cost of repairing or rebuilding a home is often a lot higher than you might expect, especially when updated building codes apply.

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