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Streamlining online services for veterans and their families

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Accessing DVA online services

DVA’s online service platforms, MyService and MyAccount, are now available via the Australian Government’s myGov website in a move that will make it easier for veterans and their families to interact with the Department. The change, which took effect on 31 July, is another achievement in DVA’s Transformation and aims to provide modern and easy-to-use services.

To connect with DVA online, veterans and their families will now log in to their existing myGov account, or if they do not have one, simply create an account with myGov and link it with the Department’s services.

Users have commended the changes, saying the process is now ‘simple and clear … a vast improvement on the former process which was slow, confusing and time consuming’, and described the service portal as ‘very easy to navigate and use’.

Recent updates to DVA’s online services allow all DVA clients, even those without a PMKeyS number, to gain access to a variety of self-service options and online claiming tools through the secure myGov website. Improvements to these services will continue, providing a simpler and more efficient way to interact with the Department.

A part of these improvements is the merging of MyAccount into MyService. Features of MyAccount will be moved to the MyService platform in the next 12–18 months, creating a single access point for all of DVA’s client information and services.

Currently, MyAccount allows users to update their personal details, view payments and book medical transport among other features.

For more information, visit MyAccount, MyService or myGov.

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