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Vol 29 No.4 Summer 2013

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  1. Centenary commemorations 2014-2018 (PDF p.1)

    In a special address to Parliament on 14 November 2013, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Centenary of ANZAC Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson detailed progress on Anzac Centenary commemorations 2014-2018.

    Audio Version of Centenary Commemorations 2014-2018 (MP3 4.8 MB)

    Anzac Day Gallipoli 2015 ballot now open

    Australians can now apply for a chance to stand alongside fellow Australian and New Zealanders at Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli in 2015.

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    Vetaffairs survey

    Look inside this issue for your Vetaffairs survey card. We want your feedback, so please send us your completed survey card and help us make the newspaper better than ever in 2014! To complete the survey online, click here.

  2. Letters to the Editor (PDF p.2)

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    News from the Department – Secretary Simon Lewis.

    As 2013 draws to a close, I reflect on the busy year that has been. In the seven months since I joined the Department, I have certainly learnt a lot in regards to the complex legislation that DVA administers, as well as the people that we support on a daily basis.

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    DVA services during Christmas–New Year

    DVA offices will be closed from close of business Tuesday, 24 December 2013 to Wednesday, 1 January 2014.

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  3. MoU supports increased understanding of military families (PDF p.3)

    A five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in August 2013 between DVA and the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS).

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    Income from solar power

    With the installation of rooftop solar panels becoming more popular, DVA has recently received a number of letters from veterans concerned that the direct payments they receive from electricity companies, in return for electricity generation being fed into the grid, may reduce their service pension, income support supplement or age pension.

    Audio Version of Income from solar power (MP3 2380 KB)

    Christmas message from the Minister

    As Christmas fast approaches, it is important for us all to take the time to reconnect with family and loved ones. Christmas is a time of celebration and relaxation for many, but it can also be a lonely and difficult time for many in the veteran and defence communities.

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    War Graves Director reappointed

    Brigadier Chris Appleton CSC (Retd) has been reappointed Director, Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG) for a further two years.

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    Call for nominations – D Day Commemorative Mission to Normandy

    DVA conducts commemorative missions for significant anniversaries in Australia’s military history. These missions typically involve a return to significant battlefields and locations and involve commemorative services, functions and events.

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  4. My Account goes back to the bush (PDF p.4)

    At the “Back to the Bush Veterans Reunion” in Bruce Rock WA, DVA officers Brook Charlton and Katie Sutton spent an engaging week demonstrating how easy it is to go online with MyAccount.

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    Veterans’ Health Week 2013

    Veterans’ Health Week 2013 saw record crowds take part, with an estimated 14,000 people attending 193 events across the country.

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    New mental health YouTube video focuses on families

    Family members are often the first to recognise when their veteran family member is not coping. The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, launched a new DVA video for World Mental Health Day 2013 to highlight the important role families can play in helping current and ex-serving Defence Force members get the help they need.

    Audio Version of New mental health YouTube Video focuses on families (MP3 1942 KB)

    National Disability Strategy and DVA’s obligations

    Each year on 3 December we mark International Day of People with Disability. It is a time to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with a disability and to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the community.

    Audio Version of National Disability Strategy and DVA's obligations (MP3 2.2 MB)

  5. Childhood fascination becomes blessing for disabled (PDF p.5)

    A childhood fascination with robots led Marita Cheng to develop a system that is set to change the lives of hundreds of Australians living with a disability.

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    Aged care services – do you have a concern?

    If you or someone you know is receiving an Australian Government funded aged care service, as listed below, it’s important you talk about any concerns you have in relation to the services being delivered.

    Audio Version of Aged care services - do you have a concern? (MP3 2.5 MB)

    Dr Killer's column – On Reflection

    Looking back, it’s hard and probably a trifle unfair to single out particular health priorities in 2013, because all areas are both important and connected. However, I suggest the key areas have been around mental health and developing a better understanding of the impact of the military experience on women who serve and their families.

    Audio Version of Dr Killer's column - On Reflection (MP3 1792 KB)

    My Aged Care website and contact centre

    The Australian Government’s aged care reforms will comprehensively reshape aged care and build a better, fairer and more nationally consistent aged care system for older Australians.

    Audio Version of My Aged Care website and contact centre (MP3 1.9 MB)

  6. Jessie Mary Vasey Labyrinth (PDF p.6)

    A large group gathered on 11 November 2013 for the official opening of the Jessie Mary Vasey Labyrinth at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in Victoria. The Labyrinth was designed and built by artist Simon Normand.

    Audio Version of Jessie Mary Vasey Labyrinth (MP3 1.5 MB)

    Family members visit Afghanistan

    Widows and bereaved families of the 40 Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan made a pilgrimage to Afghanistan to honour and remember their loved ones at a ceremony in Tarin Kowt.

    Audio Version of Family members visit Afghanistan (MP3 984 KB)

    “I have the best life of anyone you could meet” – Damien Thomlinson

    Damien Thomlinson swears a bit more the average man, enjoys a glass of red wine and loves nothing more than snowboarding in his spare time. But this likable, honest and engaging man has quite a story to tell.

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    Off the shelf

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    Medals – lost and found

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  7. Publications and items for sale (PDF p.7)

    The Crossroad
    WWII Desert War (DVD)
    2014 DVA calendar: Iconic Wartime Australians
    Australians in World War I (series)
    Australian Light Horse
    Royal Australian Navy
    Australian Flying Corps
    Home Front

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  8. Noticeboard (PDF p.8)

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    Reunion notices

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