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Provider publications

  • InPho newsletter cover image
    Overview: An electronic newsletter for public hospitals. DVA InPHo aims to provide public hospital staff with information on DVA innovations, changes to processes, reports on various DVA activities and provider enquiry contact numbers.
  • Phacts newsletter cover image - text with small portrait of a woman.
    Overview: PHacts ('Private Hospital activities') – the electronic newsletter for private hospitals. PHacts aims to provide private hospital staff with information on innovations, changes to processes, and reports on various DVA activities as well as contact details for relevant business areas.
  • NHP thumbnail
    Overview: DVA Provider News is DVA’s on-line newsletter which provides information to health care professionals about DVA services, events, initiatives and procedures.
  • Overview: Effective discharge planning optimises positive post-hospital physical and mental health outcomes for patients, reduces hospital readmission and improves patient independence.
  • Coordinated Veterans' Care Program logo
    Overview: The Guide for General Practice has been developed to help with the implementation of the Coordinated Veterans' Care Program.
  • Overview: The following provides two options for submitting an invoice to Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to receive payments for Household Services (HHS).
  • Cover: Community Nursing Claiming — Quick Reference Guide
    Overview: This quick reference guide is designed to be a quick reference tool to assist in processing claims under DVA's Community Nursing Program.
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