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Mental Health

  • At Ease web site front page screen shot.
    Overview: The At Ease mental health portal contains a variety of publications and other resources such as videos, mobile apps, short stories and brochures.
  • Overview: This study focuses on how families are faring at two of the major stages of a military career: during service, and in the first years after the transition to civilian life. An additional focus is how differing types of family members are faring — spouses/partners, adult children and parents.
  • Overview: The "Mental health changes over time: a longitudinal perspective" report examines the shifts in mental health status over a five–year period (2010–2014) in those who have transitioned out of regular, full–time military service compared with those who remain in the Regular Australian Defence Force (ADF).
  • Cover image: Mental Health Prevalence and Pathways to Care Summary Report
    Overview: This report investigates the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorders, trauma exposure, suicidal ideation and self-reported mental health symptoms among Transitioned ADF members.
  • Image of the cover of Pathways to Care Report
    Overview: This report complements the first report, Mental Health Prevalence, which explored the prevalence of 12-month and lifetime mental disorder in the Transitioned ADF and compared self-reported symptoms in Transitioned ADF with 2015 Regular ADF members.
  • Review of DVA Dental and Allied Health Arrangements – Final Report
    Overview: As part of the 2015-16 Budget, the Australian Government committed the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to review its dental and allied health funding arrangements.
  • Overview: The Technology Use and Wellbeing Report is one of the first studies worldwide to investigate the use of the internet and new and emerging programs and technologies that support the wellbeing and mental health of serving and ex-serving military members.
  • Veteran Mental and Social Health Strategies covers
    Overview: The strategies and action plan that guide the provision of mental and social health care for the veteran and ex-service community.
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