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Purpose 1: Compensation and Support

To maintain and enhance the quality of life of clients by improving their financial wellbeing and self-sufficiency.

  • 1.1 Deliver income support and allowances
  • 1.2 Deliver disability support
  • 1.3 Deliver assitance to widow/ers and dependants
  • 1.4 Deliver other compensation
  • 1.5 Deliver the children's education scheme
  • 1.6 Deliver income support and compensation under the MRCA and SRCA

Purpose 2: Health and Wellbeing

To maintain and enhance the quality of life of clients by improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • 2.1 Provide access to general medical consultations, dental and specialist consultations and services
  • 2.2 Provide access to hospital services
  • 2.3 Provide access to pharmaceutical benefits
  • 2.4 Provide access to community care and support
  • 2.5 Provide counselling and acess to other health services
  • 2.6 Provide access to health and other care services under the MRCA and SRCA

Purpose 3: Commemorations

To acknowledge and commemorate the service and sacrifice and promote an increased understanding of Australia's wartime history.

  • 3.1 Provide war graves and commemorations
  • 3.2 Deliver Gallipoli-related activities

Enabling Services

Facilitate the delivery of services to business lines through innovative, seamless, efficient and effective use of resources to support organisational capability.

  • 4.1 Provide a professional, engaged and flexible workforce
  • 4.2 Deliver sound financial management
  • 4.3 Provide reliable, responsive, accessible and cost effective digital services
  • 4.4 Partner with other Commonweatlth agencies including Defence, Health and Human Services
  • 4.5 Engage with stakeholders including Ex-Service Organisations and providers
  • 4.6 Understake a program of strategic research

Focus Areas

Client Focused

We will focus on the client not the process, which will result in a more personalised service to veterans and their families.


We will listen to feedback and act on it to implement the services clients want and need. We will tailor and customise service delivery to respond to emerging needs.


Through strategic partnerships with other agencies, we will develop modern options for our clients to access the services they need.


  • Veteran Centric Reform
  • Digital transformation and Government reforms
  • Organisational redesign for optimal service and efficiency
  • Strengthening partnerships and stakeholder engagement
  • A Strong Focus on Mental Health
  • Other

Towards 2020

  • Seamless transition from the ADF
  • Simpler and faster access
  • Partnering for efficiency
  • Tailored and coordinated support
  • Circumstance driven services

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