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DVA has an integrated planning, budgeting and reporting process. This Plan: 

  • is aligned to our outcomes, strategies, and priorities; 
  • is aligned to the Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS); and 
  • informs the workforce, ICT and financial strategies.

The Department’s PBS for 2016-17 set out our three outcomes, their programs and the performance indicators used to monitor achievements against the deliverables. The performance indicators from the PBS have been included in the Plan and have been aligned to our purposes, strategies and activities to demonstrate how success will be measured.

All the PBS measures have been listed in this plan and additional qualitative measures have been added to provide a holistic view of how success will be measured to achieve DVA’s purposes. The measures will evolve over time to reflect any significant change in strategy, operating environment, activities or Government priorities in order to better represent DVA performance. 

In early 2016, DVA revised its key reporting measures for inclusion in the PBS to provide more holistic methods to measure achievements against our objectives and to comply with the requirements of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act (PGPA) 2013. As a result, this is a year of transition, both old and new indicators will be presented and measured. Ticks against measures that only occur in 2016-17 represent the old measures that will be discontinued after this year.

Purpose 1: Compensation and Support

Purpose 2: Health

Purpose 3: Commemorations

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