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Tools that will guide our capability to achieve our purpose and enhance our delivery

Tools that will guide our capability to achieve our purpose and enhance our delivery

DVA has a number of key tools that will guide our capability to acheive our purpose and enhance our delivery. These tools are:

  • workforce planning;
  • governance; and
  • information and communication techncology.

Workforce Planning

The DVA Leadership Development Strategy (LDS) and DVA Workforce Strategy outline the capabilities DVA needs to develop, and details the behaviours, skills and knowledge that demonstrate excellence in DVA to help achieve our Purpose / Objectives / Outcomes. In particular:

  • Cultivating strong leadership;
  • Supporting innovation and Change Management;
  • Managing knowledge, learning needs and succession planning as we prepare for a generational transition in our workforce;
  • Fostering employee engagement by promoting innovation, empowerment, accountability and a positive culture;
  • Developing and investing in critical capabilities, for example, client service and ICT skills;
  • Improving communication strategies;
  • Refining the performance feedback framework;
  • Supporting managers to manage under-performance;
  • Promoting the culture and values to which we aspire; and
  • Attracting, retaining, encouraging and developing, talented staff.


DVA has a governance framework in place, including:

  • Legislation under which the Department operates;
  • DVA’s Committees, Commissions and Programme and Project Boards;
  • DVA Towards 2020 and other supporting plans and strategies which underpin DVA’s business planning;
  • DVA’s Service Charter;
  • The Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct;
  • Portfolio Budget and Additional Estimates statements; and
  • Secretary’s Instructions.

Information and communication technology

To achieve our purpose and enhance our delivery, capability will also be assessed through information and communication technology (ICT).

The ICT Strategic Plan supports DVA’s objective to innovatively and efficiently deliver an effective ICT environment for DVA staff, clients and their families in line with our Strategic Plan DVA Towards 2020. The Plan is an interpretation of DVA Towards 2020 to guide the ICT group in delivering technological solutions to build future DVA capability.

DVA already shares a strong partnership with the Department of Human Services and is investigating options to further enhance this in 2015-16 and beyond.

The ICT group will:

  • Build simple, client/user-focused technology solutions. This means intuitive systems that are easy to access for staff, clients and providers;
  • Make evidence based decisions – invest in areas for the highest user experience and productivity returns;
  • Work towards ensuring clients can access DVA services anytime, anywhere, on any device;
  • Work collaboratively across government and the private sector – explore opportunities for shared services; and
  • Work towards creating ICT solutions within agreed resources – affordable and sustainable.

DVA’s ICT Modernisation Programme will help to simplify processes and is vital in implementing transformational organisational reform. By improving DVA’s ICT, taking advantage of Whole-of-Government initiatives and leveraging expertise of others, DVA’s Purpose / Objectives / Outcomes will be more easily achieved. Clients will have the choice to access more services online, and improved processing systems will enable DVA to excel on meeting Performance Targets.

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