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Performance impacts

There are external factors, internal factors and influencing factors that impact on DVA's peformance. These are explained in the sections below

External Factors

The external factors listed below impact on all three of DVA’s Outcomes. They require DVA to focus on ensuring continued access to high quality health care for all clients, while ensuring new Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) and Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA) clients do not escape our necessary attention.

By connecting with Defence, DVA will facilitate early client engagement, and progress a joint strategic agenda of work. This will ensure eligible persons are provided access to health care services that promote early intervention, prevention and treatment.

To measure our performance, the take-up rates of mental health services and rehabilitation rates in particular, will be measured and analysed. Usage of other health services will be benchmarked against the general community.

The external factors are:

  • As at March 2015, DVA supported more than 320,000 clients
  • Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) beneficiary numbers to halve over next decade
  • MRCA and SRCA beneficiary numbers will steadily rise over next decade
  • Changing expectations of clients and ex-service organisations
  • Greater focus on mental health needs and rehabilitation
  • More complex health needs placing greater demands and expectations on programmes

Internal Factors

The internal factors listed below will greatly shape DVA’s rolling programme of reform activities in 2015-16 and beyond. The intent of the reform programme is to improve clients’ access to income support, compensation and other support services, including accessing advice and information about entitlements and health services. These reforms are greatly influenced by the Whole-of-Government reform agenda, and must incorporate influencing factors such as the work of the Digital Transformation Office and an increased focus on partnerships.

The internal factors are:

  • Generational shift in DVA’s workforce as older staff retire
  • Challenging fiscal environment
  • Keeping pace with technological advances
  • Priority capabilities to be targeted for staff training funds
  • Reliance on DHS for core ICT support
  • State of the Service Census results

Influencing Factors

There are also influencing factors which will impact DVA’s Outcomes. These include:

  • Delivering Whole-of Government reform agenda, e.g. shared services and contestability
  • Increased focus on partnerships
  • Capability Review action plan
  • Adherence to Enterprise Agreement Bargaining policy
  • International advances in public sector methodologies
  • Digital Transformation Office / digital transformation agenda
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