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Overview of DVA Towards 2020

DVA Towards 2020 is a plan for how the Department will meet the challenges of a changing environment over the next few years. The plan addresses priority areas, such as the need to reduce claim processing times. However, it also addresses the higher level strategic direction for the Department, as this is the basis for our policies, programs and decision making to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for our wide range of clients. These clients include veterans and those who support them, as well as government and non-government agencies, members of the broader Australian community, and the Minister.

The main component of the plan is the Key Strategies matrix. This centres on the use of three key strategies - client-focused, responsive and connected - to describe the type of services we provide, and behaviours we need to embed across all areas of our business. These strategies should span across our work with clients, in developing and maintaining our culture and in shaping our organisation, and in doing so will help DVA to achieve our vision.

Strategic statements have been placed within the matrix to provide more guidance about where DVA will be moving towards 2020. Although these have been placed in particular areas of the matrix, it is acknowledged that some would be equally valid placed in other areas of the matrix. The flexibility inherent in these statements allows all business areas in DVA to identify with them, and use them to inform business planning and individual development planning.

The section on The Year Ahead focuses on those business activities which are a priority for the coming year and play a significant role in how we are moving forward to achieve our vision. The plan will be updated each year, highlighting those priorities identified for the coming year. Please note that not all departmental activities can be featured here and there are many other important areas of work being undertaken across businesses that are not listed here.

DVA Towards 2020 is the lead document in DVA’s Planning Framework. Details of other business activities can be found in the supporting documents described in the Planning Framework section. Documents such as the Corporate Plan, Divisional Business Plans and Individual Development Plans will flow from DVA Towards 2020. A timeline for the update of the Department’s high level planning documents and other key planning activities is included in the plan.

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