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Our Planning Framework

Structure of the planning framework - Governemnt Policy, Commissions, Portfolio Budget Statements - DVA Towards 2020 - DVA Service Charter, Workforce Plan, Financial Plan and ICT Strategic Plan. DVA Corporate Plan - Divisonal & Deputy Commissioner Business Plans, Branch Business Plans, Individual Development Plan/Leadership Development Action Plan

The Planning Cycle

The planning cycle - April/May - DVA Towards 2020 update starts, DVA Corporate Plan update starts, DEFF (Internal Budget Development), Finalise External Budget Process, Budget announced early May. June - Dva Towards 2020 update completed, DVA Corporate Plan completed, Internal Budget allocated. August - Divisional & Deputy Commissioner Business Planning, Branch & Section Business planning. September - Individual Performance Agreements. October - Government New Policy Process begins (External Budget), Update Strategic Financial Plan

DVA Towards 2020 is the key planning document that sets out our future vision, directions and strategic approach.

This plan is set against the context of the budget process (including the PBS and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements), which describes the allocation of resources from Government to DVA. The Annual Report advises on the activities and performance of the Department in relation to the PBS.

The plan is reinforced by supporting plans and strategies.  Divisional, Branch, Deputy Commissioner and Section business plans should be formulated using DVA Towards 2020, and should articulate what work areas will do to contribute to the achievement of DVA’s strategic directions and outcomes, and the way we will manage our people, resources and risks. Underlying all of these plans and strategies are performance agreements and individual development plans.

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