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Key Strategies

  Client-Focused Responsive Connected

We will think of the whole person and their family when considering client needs.

We will better deliver compensation and rehabilitation support with a strong focus on the accuracy and timeliness of claims processing.

We will sensitively acknowledge service and sacrifice through the delivery and support of commemorative programs.

We will listen to feedback and act on it to implement the services clients need.

We will tailor and customise service delivery to respond to emerging needs.

We will work with Defence, Ex-Service Organisations, providers and other stakeholders to achieve the best health and wellbeing outcomes for clients.

We will work with clients and stakeholders to co-design cohesive client-centric services.


We will communicate clearly and simply.

We will base our policies and programs on understanding client needs and experiences through research and evidence.

We will be flexible in the way we manage our approach to service delivery.

We will be quick to adapt to change.

We will design effective policies and programs, and ensure they are linked across business areas.

We will work across boundaries to ensure seamless, connected service delivery.


We will be a rewarding place to work with empathetic, capable and conscientious staff who put clients first. We will support staff with efficient IT systems so they serve clients better.

We will support staff to deliver client-centric services by providing opportunities for ongoing learning and development.

We will think of fresh ways of doing business and managing our money.

We will be more responsive by simplifying policies, processes and systems.

We will enable clients to have the choice to access more services online.

We will take advantage of whole of government initiatives and leverage the expertise of others to design and deliver services.

We will know we are succeeding when:

  • We are known for putting our clients first and delivering the services they need.
  • Clients have received their full entitlement, in a timely manner.
  • Clients have the support and access to health services they need to optimise their well being and self-sufficience.
  • Rehabilitation has enabled clients to achieve their own maximum capacity.
  • We deliver and support commemorative programs that appropriately recognise those who served.
  • We retain and recruit capable staff who are proud to work at DVA, are motivated, and have the right tools and development opportunities to support them to do their job well.
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