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Effective engagement with all clients is a priority for the Department, and the issue of CALD client interaction is considered very important. Data collection needs to be undertaken to determine who the Department’s CALD clients are and what is needed to meet their needs.

Minimum obligations

2.1 Stakeholder engagement: Department or agency to have an engagement strategy to understand culturally and linguistically diverse communities’ interactions with department or agency.

2.2 Language and communication: Department or agency to have a language and communication plan for culturally and linguistically diverse communities, including on the use of languages other than English and incorporating the use of interpreters and translators.

  Action Responsibility Timeline Target
2.1 Stakeholder engagement
The Department will consult with other departments (particularly the Department of Defence) to ascertain what CALD groups the Department deals with. Defence force recruiting of CALD groups will have a major impact on the direction of the Department’s work in this area as these groups will be our future clients.
Client and Communication Branch July-November 2013 Consult with Defence regarding their AMP obligations
  The Department will identify a range of relevant initiatives within existing programs to augment current initiatives aimed at improving awareness of the contribution of Australians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Commemoration and Anzac Centenary Branch November 2013-April 2015 The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Centenary of Anzac will write to national cultural institutions requesting they appropriately portray and recognise the role of Australians from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in Australia’s military experience in their Anzac Centenary initiatives.  The Department of Defence will also undertake relevant awareness initiatives. 
  CALD group information will be sought from the Department’s consultative forums. These forums include:
  • Emerging Issues Forum
  • Operating Working Party
  • Ex-Service Organisation Round Table
  • National Health, Aged and Community Care Forum

This consultation will be used to help determine the needs of CALD groups within the Department’s client base. A reporting mechanism will be set up to help these groups update the department on CALD group growth within the veteran and defence community.

Service Development and Defence Relations Branch / Deputy Commissioners. Ongoing from July 2013 Consult with ex-service and defence community bodies as well as develop a mechanism for ex-service and defence community bodies to update the Department on stakeholder diversity every 12 months.
2.2 Language and communication
Over the two year life of the AMP the Department will develop a language and communication plan to better interact with CALD communities. This plan will include details on how staff can access translators and interpreters.
Client and Communication Branch. July 2014
December 2014
July 2015
Data on CALD groups within the Department’s client base (4.2) will have been collected and analysed.
Data analysis will determine how the Department will use interpreters and translators. Ascertain whether the Department needs language services regularly or sporadically. Determine if systems in place in other departments can be utilised by DVA. Implement language and communication plan.
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