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Mick Coad

Mick Coad in uniform in front of a vehicleMick Coad served in the military for 27 years. He joined through the Australian Defence Force Academy in 1989 and, after graduating, went on to become a Seaman Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. Mick served on a number of ships and was based out of Sydney, Cairns, Perth and Darwin throughout his Navy career.

After 11 years in the Navy, Mick married his wife, Kylie, and at the same time transitioned to the Australian Army to join the Intelligence Corps. Mick’s change allowed him to stay connected with Defence and continue his service while providing greater stability for his family.

Mick served in the Army for 16 years before deciding to transition to civilian life. Ready for a change, Mick was looking forward to the opportunity to take on a new career and become more involved with his local community.

Mick Coad and wife Kylie in front of water

Mick now works at Omni Executive in project management and enjoys the new challenges he faces in the role. He often encounters serving and ex-serving members of Defence through both his work and networking forums. He values the immediate bond he can develop with them, and the opportunity to stay connected to the Defence community.

Living in regional NSW on a 14-acre property, you’ll often find Mick working in his own backyard on weekends. He is also heavily involved with his local Rural Fire Service and local junior soccer. When he’s not out and about in the community, Mick enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with his family.

"I have had an excellent career in both the Navy and Army, and remain loyal to Defence."

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