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Colin Geoghegan

Colour photo of Colin, while in service. He is wearing a dark orange beret, holding a batton-like implement and stands to attention. He is standing on the balcony of a tower, which is built between two tall wire fences, topped with razor wire, in the dessert.

Colin, while in service

Colin served in the Australian Army for 43 years before transitioning to civilian life this year. While he is waiting to start his new job coordinating business resources as a public servant working for Defence in Sydney, Colin has been working on his woodworking skills and ticking off tasks on his long home maintenance to-do list.

When Colin reached compulsory retirement age he planned to do Reserve work but things didn't quite go to plan. Colin ended up leaving Army through a medical transition with a condition which meant he couldn't transfer to the Reserves.

While it was initially a stressful time for Colin, it gave him the opportunity to complete Defence's Transition for Employment Program (T4E). T4E supports members with complex circumstances who leave for medical reasons to obtain meaningful civilian employment or engagement.

"T4E was the one shining light during this process. From the initial interview, the employment workshops and the follow-up of my coach, Andrew, T4E set me up for success in a tight employment market," Colin said.

"Whether you are transitioning for compulsory retirement age, medical reasons or leaving for other reasons, plan it early," said Colin.

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