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Legislation Workshop

Inaugural Legislation workshop – 9 November 2017

On 9 November 2017, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) held its inaugural legislation workshop with ex-service organisations, veterans and partners. The workshop provided a mechanism for Government to consult, discuss and prioritise future legislation and allowed DVA to understand the priorities of ex-service organisations and issues of concern in developing veteran legislation.

Prior to the workshop, DVA asked ex-service organisations to submit their top 20 list of legislative workshop submissions.

At the workshop a list of the legislative reform ideas (DOCX 20 KB) was generated. All participants have been asked to prioritise the list of reform ideas. These points are due to be submitted to DVA by 15 January 2018 and will be made available online. If you have any new legislative ideas please send an email to

Legislation workshop – 7 March 2018

On 7 March 2018, the second Legislation Workshop was held with ex-service organisations, veterans and partners.  The second workshop built on the outcomes of the first workshop and the top 20 list of legislative reform ideas submitted prior to the workshop. 

On the day the group exercise resulted in participants prioritising the top 20 ideas (DOCX 13 KB) and these will be considered more fully by DVA in time. 

Topics discussed on the day included transition from military to civilian life, healthy living, and the impact of the Productivity Commission review into the legislative framework. 

It is anticipated that next workshop will be held in the last quarter of 2018

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